A little bit of a ramble…

Hello everyone, how are you!?

I’m having a really lazy day today, watching netflix and Vlogmas videos, my favourites right now have to be Tanya Burr’s and Chanell Heeter’s! I even made a video myself, so I’m pretty pleased about that as though I have just created a blog I still want to keep making youtube videos, but I only want to upload them if I am really happy with them! I’m such a perfectionist when it comes to my videos which I think is a good thing really, as in my opinion there is no point uploading something if you’re not 100% happy with it. I really want to make sure I put as much effort into my videos as possible so I can have a youtube channel which I am proud of.

I have to say that today I have been missing certain people a lot, if you hadn’t already guessed by certain people I mean the guy that I blocked only yesterday, I’m wondering if he’s text me since I last text him which I’d imagine he has to be honest and I feel a little guilty for ignoring him but I feel like its the only way, this is one of those cases where it saddens me if he is in my life and it saddens me if he isn’t, so I think the best thing to do is give it time. I’m a big believer in that famous quote, “If you love somebody let them go. If they return they were always yours. If they don’t they never were”. So I believe that if I am meant to be with this guy then he will come back to me, if not I’ll find someone else who I am meant to be with so really I have nothing to worry about. I do hope we meet again one day, but I really think space is the best thing for us and I just have to believe that what is meant to be will be. Thank God for hope and faith! I also saw a really beautiful quote about missing people recently which changed my perspective on things so I thought I would share it here, “If you miss someone, you’re lucky. It means that you had someone special in your life worth missing”. How lovely is that? 🙂

I’m trying to be a more positive person, books like ‘The Secret’ are really inspiring me to live a happy life and see the good in everything and I’m definitely doing a good job I think! I have been following the 28 day magic practice, I’m on day 8 and I’m loving it so far! I’m so grateful to the Secret books and all things Law Of Attraction related for making me a happier person!

Despite missing people I want to make sure I value all the lovely people in my life who I am so fortunate and blessed to have, I am thankful to have all my beautiful friends and family who I love so much and who make me feel so happy, so to all my friends and family I would like to say thank you so much for making me such a happy, blessed girl and making my world so much brighter!

Thanks so much for reading and I’ll speak to you again tomorrow!

Lots of love,



By 50shad3s0fjay

Hello everyone my name is JENNIE! Follow me on my journey of happiness and love ❤️❤️

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