Night’s out and a Sleepover 👭

Hi! It’s been a few days since I last posted so I thought I’d do some writing and keep things up to date on the blog ☺️

On Sunday I went out to Pink Punters with a few of my good friends: Emily, Daisy and Chantal! It was a fun night, it was just a bit too busy, I much prefer it a little quieter so there is room to dance! I could barely do the elbow dance due to the lack of space, I am not about that life! I still had a fun time and made some good memories, our taxi driver on the way to the club was mad! He played ‘The time of my life’ by BLACK EYED PEAS so loudly so the girls and I were full on raving in the car, it was funny! My next night out will probably be NYE and I am looking forward to it! Last year I had a great night out for NYE, I am sure this year will be just as fabulous! I am thankful that I have a night out with my friends to look forward to 💃🏻 💃🏻 I love my friends and I am looking forward to making some great memories with them this NYE!

Yesterday I spent the day with my sister Zoë and slept over at her flat! It’s the first time I have visited her new place and it is so lovely, she has done it up beautifully! I love it! It has inspired me to save up for my own place next year, I would love to get on the property ladder in the next couple of years so next year I am going to save, save, save! I had a really lovely time with Zoë, it was so lovely to have a sleepover, it has made me want to watch ‘The Sleepover Club’! We watched ‘The Duff’ which is a very funny movie and we also watched ‘Modern Family’ and ‘The Love Machine’. ‘The Love Machine’ is an old dating show and it is hilarious, I had never seen it before last night but wow it’s brilliant, I am going to watch more tonight! It’s sassy and funny and I would very much suggest watching it! I am so thankful that Zoë had me over to stay and it was lovely to bond with her! I can’t wait to see her on Christmas Eve 👭🎄

Today I have bought more Christmas presents and played The Sims! I really would like to be more productive! With 2016 fast approaching, one thing I want to do in the next few days is make a Vision Board of everything I want to attract into my life in the coming year! I’m excited to make one, perhaps that will be my project for Thursday! All my pictures of myself and friends / family are still in storage so I am going to draw us all as stick figures and write all my loved ones names down by the figure! I will maybe write a post up about my Vision Board once I have made it!

So thats all I have to update you on! I think it’s time to get back into writing daily posts, especially when I have things to write about! It’s something I enjoy so as of today, the daily posts are coming back. As always thankyou so much for reading. Lots of love, Jen! xxxxxxxx

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