2015 high end beauty favourites πŸ‘„πŸ’„

Hello everyone. ❀️ Today is the day to share with you my 2015 beauty favourites! It’s crazy because I am already excited to write up my January favourites blog post and we are only 5 days in to the month! πŸ™ˆ Last year on my youtube channel I only made one monthly favourites video, this year I want to do a monthly favourites on my blog every month! We are only at the beginning of January right now, so I am starting off my ‘Favourites’ series with my 2015 beauty favourites. I have decided to split this post into two parts since I have quite a few faves, meaning if they were all together the post would be very very long! So for the first part, we have my HIGH END beauty favourites of 2015!

YSL Touche Eclat concealer ✨
My go to concealer, I went through my fair share of these last year! The touche is my favourite YSL product along with their beautiful lipsticks. It’s a light coverage concealer which for me is all I need (or so I thought, my undereye bags yesterday were quite something! Too much partying)! I like to use this concealer to cover small blemishes / undereye circles and to also highlight and finish off my make-up look.
Not only a concealer, I use the touche for many other purposes.
The touche makes for a beautiful natural highlight and is perfect to wear during the day, or even going out for dinner! If you want an effective yet natural looking highlight I would definitely reccommend this product!
If my contour is looking a little harsh, I run the touche along side it and blend it out to make it more natural.
I only have to repurchase this around every 4 weeks, which compared to some other concealers I have used that have lasted me only 2 weeks, I think is really good! I think that’s something thats down to the person though, as some people use more product that others! I am definitely someone who probably uses a lot more than other people as I build up the touche when highlighting quite a lot! Another great thing that I love about this concealer is that it’s easy to carry around in your make-up bag so if need be, you can touch(e) up throughout the day! πŸ˜‰


Nars Reckless Blush. β˜„
Although in the blusher category, myself and most other people actually use this as a highlighter as essentially that is what it is! The colour is a white/ pinky shade with lots and lots of shimmer and a little sparkle. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it on the counter, I only went to Nars to buy a foundation but this beautiful highlight caught my eye and I had to have it there and then! It’s SO stunning, by far my favourite highlighter that I have ever used. The way the shimmer catches in the light is so gorgeous and pretty. It’s so professional looking, wearing it has made me feel like one of those instagram girls who always has their make-up on fleek! I absolutely adore this highlighter and I honestly can’t wait to repurchase it, as last time I went in to buy one they had none in stock. Goodness, I am so impatient to buy another now! My sister got me a ‘House of Fraser’ voucher for Christmas, I know what I’m going to buy with that 😍



Dior Addict lipgloss in the shade 686. πŸ’„
Whilst I purchased just one of these last year due to having to spend my money on things other than make-up (holidays, partying.. All the important stuff), it has definitely made a place on my 2015 favourites because it is amazing! I do intend on treating myself to a couple more Dior lipglosses again at some point in the near future because the quality is just wonderful. At the price of Β£22 you may think to yourself ‘how can I justify that sort of money on a lipgloss?’ But let me tell you, YOU CAN! This lipgloss is completely worth every penny, it’s beautiful. There’s a lovely shimmer to the product which really shows unlike some lipglosses on the cheaper side which just make your lips look wet and give off no colour or shimmer at all. The shade ‘686’ is a pretty pink colour which is really natural, so if you want a simple yet stunning look then I would definitely suggest giving this gloss a whirl for that oh so kissable pout! πŸ’‹ It’s especially beautiful when caught in the light due to the stunning shimmer! I also noticed that this lipgloss isn’t sticky which is something that we all want! Nobody wants to struggle in the wind whilst hair is sticking to their lips do they!? Based on the quality of this stunning lipgloss I can’t wait to try out more in different shades!


Mac lipstick in the shade Pink Pigeon. πŸ’•
Whilst the colour isn’t the reason behind this product being on my favourites list, the quality of this lipstick is! 2015 is the year I discovered Mac lipsticks and why there is so much hype around them. Before trying out a Mac lipstick myself I never understood why people raved about them, but oh how I do now! They are so good and I am so happy I bought one! I think they are the longest lasting lipsticks I have ever come across, I could go for hours and eat and drink without losing any colour from my lips. Although Mac is considered high end make-up, the prices of these lipsticks are actually fairly affordable and I would definitely reccommend them.


YSL eyeshadow pallette spring collection 2015πŸ‘
I don’t think there is a name for this pallette, I believe it was part of the limited edition spring collection although I think it’s still being sold now, just with the standard YSL packaging. I am including this on my favourites as it is something that I used a lot last year! It has 5 different shades: a gold, a shimmery white, a baby pink, a shimmery light brown and a shimmery dark black. They are all such pretty colours! I used the white up within weeks because I used it for highlighting as well as an eyeshadow. I like to run the gold through different eyeshadow looks for a speck of something extra and the brown and pink shades are perfect for a natural look or when you are having a really simple make-up day and just want to use one colour on your eyelids!
My favourite colour from the pallette is the black, I wear this all the time and its running out, oh no! It’s a really strong dark black with a slight shimmer to it. This colour is really pretty and I definitely think it looks expensive on the eye. It gives off a really good effect and I feel like you would be able to look at someone wearing this shadow and think, ‘yep thats a high end eyeshadow and it looks incredible’. This is another one of those products that reminds me of something you would see worn on an instagram MUA! This is a high quality eyeshadow pallette and I just love love love the black colour, which is so stunning and is perfect for an intense smokey eye!


They are just a handful of products that I used and loved in 2015, I used so much more but those have to be the favourites (obvs, since this is a FAVOURITES post 😝). This year I intend on trying more and more high end products, some of the counters I am looking forward to visiting are NARS, Dior and Chanel!

What has been your favourite high end beauty product of 2015?

Thankyou so much for reading, I hope that you enjoyed this post! ❀️ Stay tuned for part 2! With lots of love, Jennie ❀️ xxxxxxxxx

Instagram: @50shad3s0fj4y

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