Asking a guy out 😱

Oh my God. I’m actually considering asking potential Bae out. Not out on a date, but I’m going to see if he wants to chill.

It’s his birthday soon and I just asked him what he had planned for it, in which he replied saying nothing. He has nothing planned for his birthday. I mean I don’t know what to think to be honest, who doesn’t plan anything for their birthday? But whatever, I’m thinking of letting him know I’m free so if he wants to do something then I’m down but oh gosh, I don’t think I have the nerve. But I really want to see him!! I don’t want to think I’m being too forward though, especially as it’s his birthday, like oh yeah do you wanna spend your birthday with me? But if he’s not doing anything else then why not? 🙄 I seriously don’t know if I can text him everyday but not see him often if that makes sense? I love texting him but I wanna see him too! Eh oh well, I’ll just act casual 👌🏼

I’ll let you know how it goes!


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