January Favourites 2016 💕

Hi guys, I hope that you’re all well. First of all I would like to apologise that this post doesn’t feauture any pictures, secondly I would like to apologise that I am posting my ‘January Favourites’ over a week into February. Better late than never though surely? This is mostly a list of beauty favourites, but I am going to include some random things in here too. Enjoy 💕

L’oreal Micellar cleansing water.
I have been loving this make-up remover a lot recently, it’s 10x better than any face wipes I have ever used and feels much nicer on the skin. It really takes off all traces of make-up and leaves my skin feeling really clean and refreshed. It’s quick and easy to use, all you need is the micellar water and a cotton pad and you’re good to go. I find that although ‘convenient’, face wipes can really leave a greasy layer on the face, making my skin feel oily. With a proper cleansing water, you are left with thoroughly clean skin and no greasy feeling.

L’oreal eye make-up remover.
I find this eye make-up remover much nicer to use than a face wipe and better for the skin. It removes all traces of mascara and eyeshadow with ease, you don’t have to scrub. At first I found this quite tricky to use as I was worried the product was going to get into my eye and make it sting, but once I stopped worrying and just went for it, I found it was absolutely fine.

L’oreal studio secrets primer.
At first I wasn’t going to include this in my
January favourites as it was in my 2016 favourites. I didn’t want to repeat myself so soon but after repurchasing another this month I decided to include it. There really is no other primer I’d rather use. When mine ran out mid January I considered buying the mini urban decay eyeshadow primer just so my eyes were covered, since I was a bit short on cash and I intended to buy my studio secrets on payday. However I realised that the studio secrets primer would be a much better investment at the time since it covers all my face and my eyes too, it also lasts for so long so I won’t have to buy another primer for at least a couple of months now.

Superdrug sugar and spice self heating mask.
I am a huge fan of the superdrug face masks, they are just so quick and easy to use. I prefer them to big pots of face masks becauase you can use them whenever you want, without having to worry that they’ve been opened so you need to use them up. Normally I prefer the cooling masks but when I used this self heating mask it felt so amazing. It really did warm up my face and it was so relaxing. It also left my skin feeling SO SOFT! I can’t tell you how soft my skin felt after using this, I’ve never felt it so soft before. I will definitely be repurchasing this mask very soon, and at 99p per mask I will probably buy 10!

B makeup brush cleanser.
I am so glad that I discovered this product. At only £4.99 it’s so cheap and makes cleaning my brushes so much easier and less of a chore. Before purchasing this cleanser, I used to use shampoo to wash my brushes which meant they took absolutely ages to dry and it was such a lot of effort, so it’s a task I often avoided until I absolutely had to give my brushes a clean. Now my brushes get a good clean at least once a week, since this is so easy to use and not time consuming at all. All you have to do is spritz a bit of this cleanser on to your brush and some tissue and clean as you normally would, and it doesn’t take long for the brushes to dry at all.

Victoria’s Secret ‘Secret Escape’ body butter.
I received this body butter for Christmas and I absolutely love it. To start with the packaging is just beautiful, I love the yellow colouring and the pink flowers. This product also feels so soft on the skin, which I would hope from a body butter to be fair but I found this to be extra softening, which may be because it’s a body butter and not a moisturiser. I’m definitely going to have to research the difference between moisturiser and body butter as I have no idea. The scent of this body butter is also yummy and fruity, and the fact that it’s Victoria’s Secret just makes it 10x better

Snow Fairy shower gel.
I just had to include this shower gel as it’s pretty much all I used in January. It’s just the best scented shower gel EVER! I love the fact that it’s such a strong smell, so you can still smell it a little while after using the product.

Airwaves chewing gum.
I’m aware that this is a very random item to include in a monthly favourites but I couldn’t resist. This chewing gum is an absolute God send. If you have a cold / sore throat / blocked nose then I strongly reccommend purchasing some airwaves chewing gum. It makes all the difference in the world, it’s such a good form of pain relief when it comes to a cold and it really does clear up a blocked nose. I love it so much. Maybe a little too much, as I actually fell asleep chewing it one night and woke up with it stuck in my hair and worse, my teddy bear!

Take me out TV show
Oh my gosh, I never used to like this show but in January I could not stop watching it. It’s such a funny show, I love all the banter the contestants have and the random talents these guys perform. It’s so entertaining and is a really relaxing show to watch. I’ve even been watching it online when it’s not on during the day time. Obsessed.

The 1975
I have absolutely been loving this band lately, there music is just Heaven. I love the edgy, dark vibe their music has and I’m forever wishing I was the type of girl they would sing about, with a mysterious vibe. I don’t even know if I can pick a favourite song of their’s at the moment, so I will list a few.
‘Heart Out’
‘She Way Out’
‘Love Me’
I have been listening to the 1975’s songs on repeat.

My favourite memory from January was probably my birthday night out. I had such a funny night and felt so loved by my friends. It was definitely one of my happiest nights!

So there you have my January 2016 favourites. What products did you love the most throughout January? I’ll see you again soon for my February faves!

Lots of love, Jennie ❤️ xxxxxxxxxxxx

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