Skincare Haul β˜„ March 2016 πŸ’‹

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all doing well and I hope you’re having a great week. ☺️

Lately I have really been trying to take proper care of my skin by removing my makeup everynight and having a proper skincare routine to follow everyday.Β I have bought a few skincare related items in the past week so I thought I would share those with you here.


Clinique cleansing milk.
A lady on the Clinique counter used this cleansing milk to remove my make-up when trying to find a foundation match and I loved it straight away. It left my skin feeling so cool and refreshed, so despite it costing Β£22 I decided to go ahead and purchase it. I have always wanted to try some products from Clinique’s skincare range and now I finally have. I don’t use this to remove my make-up at night, instead I use this of a morning time, when cleansing my face before taking a shower.


Loreal micellar water.
I bought two of these micellar waters as I find I go through them quite quickly. This micellar water is so easy to use and makes taking my make-up off so much easier, because it takes away all traces of make-up in no time at all. I prefer using micellar water to face wipes because it leaves the skin feeling refreshed and clean with no greasy feeling.


Loreal gentle eye make-up remover. Β 

I love this eye make-up remover as it’s so good at removing all eye make-up, even mascara! I don’t have to scrub harshly, it removes all traces with such ease.


‘Simple’ soothing eye balm.
I have never used an eye balm before, but I decided to get this as I have no eye care products at all. I have heard that you aren’t supposed to use a facial moisturiser around the eye area because the skin is more delicate, so I really wanted to get a product designed to use on this area. I went with this ‘Simple’ eye balm because I love the Simple brand, it was cheap and it seemed easy to use. This product is to be dabbed onto the eye area day and night to reduce puffiness and relax the skin. I don’t really notice anything different to my eye area after using this balm other than it feels more refreshed, but I still like to use it as I’m sure it’s beneficial even if I can’t clearly see the benefits.


Superdrug face masks.
I just love the facemasks from Superdrug, I have used them for years and I’m sure I will continue to use them in the future. I picked up my two favourites, the Sugar and Spice self heating mask, the Dead Sea Purifying Clay mask and then another random one, the yogurt smoothie face mask. I love to do a face mask at least once a week to pamper myself and give my skin a treat. I love the Sugar and Spice self heating mask because it leaves skin feeling softer than ever and the Dead sea clay mask is one of my favourites because my skin feels so cool afterwards.


Cotton pads.
Of course I had to pick up some cotton pads as these are an essential when it comes to removing makeup. Cotton pads are so cheap and are something I just couldn’t do without. Yay for cotton pads!


Those are all the skincare items I have bought recently, but on top of those items I also use moisturisers, exfoliating face scrubs and my favourite spot fighting product, the witch stick.

Along with using products to take care of my skin, I am really trying to drink lots and lots of water as I know that’s an amazing way to keep skin looking good.

What are your favourite skincare products and have you used any that I have mentioned above? If anyone knows of any good eye products, please let me know as I would love to try some more.

Thankyou for reading. Lot’s of love, Jennie ❀️ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. I really liked this post! I love skincare too, I use a lot from simple too (it’s so good!) I would recommend using the Garnier micellar cleansing water, it’s a great product. I was considering getting the simple eye balm and now i think i might! Have yiu tried using a night cream? I use the simple one, it’s meant to be really good for the skin. – Jess x


    1. Thankyou for the comment hun, yes simple is great! I’ve seen talk about the Garnier micellar water a lot on various blogs so perhaps when my Loreal ones run out I shall give it a try, thanks for the recommendation! Yes, tbh I havent noticed a lot with the eye balm but i definitely think its worth a try. No i have never used a night cream, thanks for the suggestion I will look into the simple one when I next go shopping πŸ™‚ x

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