L’Orรฉal lipstick collection / Collection Exclusives

‘There’s no such thing as having too many lipsticks’ย 


Hello everyone ๐Ÿ’‹ It’s time for another beauty post, yay! For me, a good lipstick collection is an absolute must and that collection is forever growing. Lipsticks are some of my favourite things to buy, there’s just so many beautiful shades out there ๐Ÿ˜

Since I own lots of lippy I thought it would be fun to share with you my collection. This will take a few posts or else I may as well just write a book, one post would be way too long. Today I have decided to share with you Part One of my L’Orรฉal lipstick collection, L’Orรฉal lipsticks are my favourite drugstore lipsticks because there’s a gorgeous selection of colours and the packaging is super pretty. Part One of my L’Orรฉal lipstick collection is all about the Collection Exclusives that I own ๐Ÿ’‹

Blake’s Pure Red.
This is a gorgeous bold matte red, with a slightly pink tone to it. I love wearing this lipstick day or night, as I find it really compliments my dark hair. This lipstick lasts throughout the day but does require a top up after eating or drinking as it does tend to rub off a little, making lips look patchy.


Blake’s Delicate Rose.
This is a bright pink, matte lipstick and I really like this shade. I love to wear this lipstick when I’m having a ‘lazy makeup day’ because it’s an effortless way to add something extra to what would otherwise be a simple, plain look. This lipstick is really perfect for brightening up the face, adding some colour and making one look more vibrant. Whilst I wear this shade all throughout the year, I think it’s best time to be worn is definitely the Summer because it’s so bright and fun.


Eva’s Delicate Rose.
This is my favourite pink from the L’Orรฉal pink collection, I would describe it as a dark yet natural / nude pink with a matte finish and I always get compliments on the colour when I wear it, it’s so pretty. It’s easy to wear because it’s so natural and is perfect for a classy daytime look. As most of the L’Orรฉal Colour Riche lipsticks this lasts me a few hours before needing to be topped up, it’s a beautiful colour and one of my most worn lippies.


Naomi’s Delicate Rose.
This is a very pale pink shade of lipstick with a very slight peach tone to it. I don’t wear this shade a lot because it’s so light and I prefer darker shades, however when I do decide to wear it I really like the finished look as it’s very natural.


There are many more shades in the Collection Exclusives range which I would love to try out. I really like the look of Julianne’s and Liya’s pure reds so I think I’m going to buy those soon ๐Ÿ’„

Do you own any L’Orรฉal lipsticks? What’s your favourite lipstick shade?

See you soon for Part Two of my L’Orรฉal lipstick collection. Thankyou for reading ๐Ÿ’‹

Love, Jennie. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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