L’Oréal lipstick collection / Collection Exclusives

‘There’s no such thing as having too many lipsticks’ 


Hello everyone 💋 It’s time for another beauty post, yay! For me, a good lipstick collection is an absolute must and that collection is forever growing. Lipsticks are some of my favourite things to buy, there’s just so many beautiful shades out there 😍

Since I own lots of lippy I thought it would be fun to share with you my collection. This will take a few posts or else I may as well just write a book, one post would be way too long. Today I have decided to share with you Part One of my L’Oréal lipstick collection, L’Oréal lipsticks are my favourite drugstore lipsticks because there’s a gorgeous selection of colours and the packaging is super pretty. Part One of my L’Oréal lipstick collection is all about the Collection Exclusives that I own 💋

Blake’s Pure Red.
This is a gorgeous bold matte red, with a slightly pink tone to it. I love wearing this lipstick day or night, as I find it really compliments my dark hair. This lipstick lasts throughout the day but does require a top up after eating or drinking as it does tend to rub off a little, making lips look patchy.


Blake’s Delicate Rose.
This is a bright pink, matte lipstick and I really like this shade. I love to wear this lipstick when I’m having a ‘lazy makeup day’ because it’s an effortless way to add something extra to what would otherwise be a simple, plain look. This lipstick is really perfect for brightening up the face, adding some colour and making one look more vibrant. Whilst I wear this shade all throughout the year, I think it’s best time to be worn is definitely the Summer because it’s so bright and fun.


Eva’s Delicate Rose.
This is my favourite pink from the L’Oréal pink collection, I would describe it as a dark yet natural / nude pink with a matte finish and I always get compliments on the colour when I wear it, it’s so pretty. It’s easy to wear because it’s so natural and is perfect for a classy daytime look. As most of the L’Oréal Colour Riche lipsticks this lasts me a few hours before needing to be topped up, it’s a beautiful colour and one of my most worn lippies.


Naomi’s Delicate Rose.
This is a very pale pink shade of lipstick with a very slight peach tone to it. I don’t wear this shade a lot because it’s so light and I prefer darker shades, however when I do decide to wear it I really like the finished look as it’s very natural.


There are many more shades in the Collection Exclusives range which I would love to try out. I really like the look of Julianne’s and Liya’s pure reds so I think I’m going to buy those soon 💄

Do you own any L’Oréal lipsticks? What’s your favourite lipstick shade?

See you soon for Part Two of my L’Oréal lipstick collection. Thankyou for reading 💋

Love, Jennie. xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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