17/03/16 ▪️

Whatup whatup 👋🏼 right, I’m going to write this blog post, play some Solitaire and then go to bed. I NEED an early night seriously 😫 I’m always so tired in the morning but when it comes to night time I just get a new lease of life and I never want to go to sleep. It’s so annoying 🙄

Today was my second shift with my new jov and I had my trainer come in to go through some stuff with me, I learnt so much from her and she’s coming back again soon to teach me more. I feel like I’m really going to learn a LOT about makeup from my new job and I’m excited. My account manager’s on holiday at the moment, but I can’t wait for her to get back because she’s amazing at what she does and I know I’m going to learn a lot from her 🤗 HURRY HOME PLEASE!

My old area manager is just as fantastic, today I picked up my leaving card and pressie from her. She’s soo lovely, I never expected her to get me anything. I’ve left her a thankyou card too, to thank her for being an amazing manager. I love sending thankyou cards, it’s nice to show your appreciation for the people you care for 😊

My babes Beth was working today so I spent my second break with her, we went to Maccies so I could buy a large coke and fries purely for the monopoly stickers. I live for Mcdonalds Monopoly. I had an instant win today but it was for porridge, too bad, if it had been fries I would of been over the moon🍟🌙 I really want to win one of the main prizes this year, it would be so cool. I’ll definitely be getting Maccies again tomorrow.

After work I went for dinner at Bella Italia with my Dad and my sister which was cute. Family time is the best time, hopefully when my mum’s home we can go out for meals more often. ❤️ My sister and I shared a starter, the Pizza Spirale. It’s such a yummy dish but way too filling for one person alone. I had spag bol for my main, I always get Spaghetti Bolognaise from Bella! It’s yummy 🍝😋 For dessert I had chocolate ice cream, it was soooo good! I wish I could have it again right now 😋

I really want to start writing more about my thoughts and feelings so I’m going to start writing about different topics, at the moment I’m very content with life so I don’t need to vent my feelings on my blog. I’m very happy to be happy but I want to write more deep and meaningful posts. I’mma get my thinking cap on 😉

In fact, I think I know exactly where I’m going to start… Stay tuned 😉

I hope you’ve all had a lovellly day today.

Lot’s of love, Jennie


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