Flashback Friday 💕 Easter Weekend

Hello lovely people. How are you? Today’s post is all about the ‘flashback’ Friday and it really is a flashback as I am going to share some pictures with you that were taken this weekend just gone, Easter weekend. I thought sharing some photos with little captions underneath would be a fun way to tell you all about the weekends antics.

25.03.16 WSTRN at Wonderworld.

‘Wstrn’ a group best known for the hit single ‘In2’ were performing at one of my local nightclubs on Good Friday, so the girls and I decided to go. We ended up getting to spend the night in the VIP area thanks to Chloe’s boyfriend and we had free drinks (including Champagne) all night. I got a photo with Haile from Wstrn and I also told him that he was a Lil Wayne wannabe, oops. Wstrn were really fun to see live, they only performed three songs so it was a short but sweet set. When they sang ‘Best Friend’ I was pointing at all my girls singing ‘Thats my best friend thats my best friend’. This was a really fun night and I made so many great memories with the girls.


26.03.16 Easter Party.
Saturday night I went to an ‘Easter Party’ at my friend Louise’s house. It was a crazy, eventful night and I got way too drunk. At one point I was mixing beer with milk, gross. A guy I recently hooked up with was there and it was super awkward, I downed a lot of drinks and my boob got bitten. The bruising has only just about gone down! I ended the night passed out in someone’s bed. This was such a funny night and I have gotten some funny stories out of it. All in the name of banter!


27.03.16 Easter Sunday.
I spent most of Easter Sunday in bed lazing around. In the evening I finally surfaced and ventured into the living room. Mum had set me out a little table with all my Easter chocolates on which I thought was really cute and thoughtful. My parents are so cute. I have a lot of eggs to eat! Nan cooked the family a roast dinner but unfortunately I wasn’t up to eating a lot.


28.03.16 Easter Monday.
On Bank Holiday Monday I went to Costa Coffee with my parents for breakfast. I absolutely love Costa’s bacon rolls, they are so yummy. We went to the supermarket afterwards and I bought a new book. Mum had to go to work in the afternoon but Dad and I spent the rest of the day together which was nice. We went out for a short bike ride, we would have cycled for a longer amount of time if it hadn’t have been so windy! It was so nice to go out and breathe some fresh air, I honestly love the outdoors so much and I love going on bike rides. This was the first time I have been on a bike ride in so long, I hope now the good weathers on its way I can go out for more bike rides. For the rest of the day we watched ‘Full House’. I had never seen this show before but I love it, it’s so old but so cute and I’m thinking of buying the boxset. I had a really cute time with my parents in the morning and a lovely day spending quality time with my dad.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my Easter weekend. Thankyou for checking out my blog, I hope you have a lovely day.

Lots of love, Jennie ❤️ Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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