Have courage and be kind ๐Ÿ’Ž

image“Have courage and be kind”

This is my motto from now onwards and I think I’m going to set this picture as my wallpaper on my phone, so everytime I check my phone I remember to “Have courage and be kind”.

If you haven’t seen 2015’s ‘Cinderella’ then you are missing out, it’s a beautiful film and whilst I’ve always known the story of Cinderella, this is the only adaption of the film that I have ever seen. “Have courage and be kind” is one of the main messages behind the film and it is a saying thats stuck with me since.

I feel as though lately I’ve been holding on to a lot of negativity, whether it’s gossiping about people or judging someone else based on their lifestyle choices, I’ve been guilty and this isn’t the type of person I want to be.

When I see my friends, I want to compliment them. I want to ask them about their day and listen to the stories they have to tell me. I want to celebrate their success with them and if the time ever comes, I want to be able to support them through any hard times. I want to remain loyal to my friends and speak only of my love for them.

If someone upsets me, even a friend, I want to deal with it in a way that doesn’t hurt anybody. Nobody is perfect and I’m going to make a conscious effort to remember all the good things my loved ones have done for me.

Instead of slagging people off if they’ve upset me, I will think back to all the times that that person has helped me.

I’m going to make sure I wish everyone the best, no matter what. Old friends, family members I’m not in touch with. I wish them a happy life full of love.

I’m going to be brave with every decision I make in life. What’s meant to be will be and whatever path I take, I’m going to be assured that it’s the right one for me.

No matter what, in my heart I am going to keep ‘Kindness’ close by.

That’s who I want to be, a kind, loving person who only sees the good in everyone and everything, someone who always looks on the brightside of life.




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