March Favourites 2016 🌻

March Favourites🌻

Hello loves! I say this all the time, but how is it already monthly favourites time again? Just how? Where does the time go? Just take a moment to blink and you’ll already be reading my April favourites. Scary! But before April favourites jumps up on us, take a moment to read all about my March favourites, to see what I have been loving this past month. 🌻


L’Oréal False Lash Sculpt mascara.
This has been my go to mascara all month, I absolutely love it. Whilst the brush is a little different, (see link below) it’s so effective. All you need to do is stamp the brush right at the root of your lashes and sweep upwards and it creates that dark tightlined effect, making your lashes look thicker and more volumised. This brush also helps to lift the lashes and open up the eyes. I prefer to put two coats of this mascara on however if I’m feeling lazy and decide to use just one coat it doesn’t matter because lashes still look amazing. A little goes a long way. Also, the packaging of this mascara is so beautiful, the purple and silver makes for a standout piece on your dressing table.

Brow Wax.
Whilst I have been using the wax from the L’Oréal brow kit, it’s just brow wax in general that I have been loving. Using a wax leaves brows looking defined and shaped yet still natural as it’s not too heavy. I’ve really been loving the way wax has made my brow looks, creating that perfect faded effect.

L’Oréal Micellar Water.
I have mentioned this product a lot in previous posts and it’s because there is no other make-up remover I would rather use. I’ve tried a few different make-up removers recently but to me this still stands out as the best. It’s affordable and easy to use, it picks up all traces of make-up off the face and leaves skin feeling refreshed. The texture is pure water with no gels or foam which I find makes it much easier to use.

L’Oréal glam duo 01.
Whilst I neglect the highlighter in this kit, I use the heck out of the bronzing powder. I use this bronzer to contour my face and I find it so easy to blend and the colour is the perfect shade for my face, a light golden brown shade which compliments my fair skin. I brush this bronzing powder on lightly when going for a more natural look or I build it up for a more dramatic contour. Either way, I absolutely love using this product.

YSL ‘Heart of Light’ blusher.
I got this blusher over a year ago but after the lighter shade ran out I stopped using it as I thought it was too dark for my skin tone. Now I love it. This blusher really warms up my skin for that healthy glow and it makes my face look fuller and more awake. This shade is a hot pink, but I don’t pack a lot onto the brush as it would be too heavy so just one or two sweeps is enough for me. I apply this blusher using my favourite YSL blusher brush and I place it on the apples of my cheeks sweeping up and around my temples.

Movies / TV shows

Annie is a musical movie about a young girl who lives in an orphanage with a group of other girls. The orphanage is run by evil ‘Miss Hannigan’ and whilst the girls go through some horrible times, Annie always remains upbeat and positive. Annie finds herself lucky enough to get to stay with a wealthy business man (the character differe between the two film adaptions) but it’s not happily ever after straight away…
Annie is one of the most feel good films out there, it makes me so happy and the songs stay in your head for days. I love both the original Annie film and the recent one with Cameron Diaz however my favourite out of the two would definitely have to be the original but to be honest, it’s a close tie as they are both so good and each have their own individualities which make them so great. I don’t think you can beat an original but the more recent Annie is still amazing.

Full house.
I only started watching this at the end of March but I had to add it to my favourites as I became hooked straight away. Full House is a sitcom about a father left to look after his 3 daughters with the help of his best friend and the girls Uncle. It’s very old and you can tell by the filming, but it’s still so funny and makes you feel happy when watching it. I am definitely going to be buying the ‘Full House’ boxset soon.


I had a lot of good times in March and I can’t really chose just one favourite moment of the month. I went on a night out with Chantal and Emily at the start of the month and we were joined by our friend Jamie and his friends, that was one of the best nights out I’ve had this year. ‘Wstrn’ at Wonderworld was also a really good night out, seeing them live and chilling with my girls in the VIP.
I also had a lovely family day too and I got to see my brother, sister in law and nephew which was sweet. Family time is the best time.

I hope you enjoyed reading my March favourites. What products were you loving throughout March and what are you looking forward to trying in April?

Thankyou for reading, lots of love. Jennie ❤️ xxxxxxxxxxxx


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