March reflections 2016 šŸŒ»

imageHey lovelies šŸ’• Over a week into April and I’m only just posting my March reflections. It’s getting more and more confusing looking back at each month, as now we are getting further on into the year, the months are blurring into one.

In February I spoke about the month of ‘love’, in March my love life was dead. Things cooled down between myself and the guy I was ‘seeing’, although it did get awkward considering my friend messaged him asking about me, cringe. I was speaking to a few people throughout March, but nothing ever went any further than a few messages. I’ve enjoyed being young and free and speaking to whoever I want.

I feel like I learnt a lot about friendship in March, I’ve learnt that I can’t gossip about my loved ones and expect them to be okay with it, and I feel being called out on my behaviour has made me a better person. Now I know that the type of person that I want to be is someone who only says good things about my friends, no matter what. I want to be loyal and trustworthy and if I’m ever talking to other people about my loved ones, I want to make sure I’m telling these people how fabulous my friends and family are.

I had a lot of money worries last month, due to dodgy pay and not enough hours, but I got through it and I’m pleased to not be worrying anymore. I did have an unexpected pay at the end of the month, so that made me very happy. I feel more motivated to save my money now and I’m going to work as hard as I can so hopefully one day, I won’t ever have to worry about not having enough money.

On the 16th of March, I had my first day at my new job, working full time on a makeup counter. I am enjoying myself and even though to start with I was so tired, I have definitely gotten more used to the longer hours and the ‘early’ mornings. I feel more sense of responsibility now I am working full time, and I am very much looking forward to payday. I have had days where I felt lazy and unmotivated but yesterday I had a great day and it’s left me feeling more inspired to do the best job I can do. I think because it can be quite quiet at work I can get a little bored, but I’m going to make sure I focus on what I love about my job and hopefully April will find me really enjoying my working life. I love all the people that I work with, I love having targets to work towards and I love doing people’s make-up and making them feel good about themselves.

I feel like in March I partied a LOT. I had a really good night out with a group of friends at the start of the month, it was a really funny evening out at one of our local nightclubs and there was a big group of us all loving life together. Then the girls and I saw ‘Wstrn’ at Wonderworld and we got to party in the VIP room, so much fun. I went to a house party and got way too drunk, we can probably add at least another 5 people to the ongrowing list of people who have seen me naked.. For God’s sake.

I also got to see my little nephew Tommy, and my brother and sister in law. They live around 2 hours away so it’s really special when I get to see them. Tommy is such a happy boy and he always put’s a smile on my face. We were pushing him in his buggy and it got squished between a wall and Tommy kept saying ‘stuck, stuck’! So adorable.

For me, March was a good month. I spent time with family and made lots of great memories with friends.

I feel excited for what April has to bring, I’m going to keep being positive and attract happy, fun times.

I hope you all have a great April. Thankyou for reading, lots of love. Jennie ā¤ļø xxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. aaah to be young wild and free again. Gld you are enjoying your new job I used to work in fragrance. Make the most of your opportunities Gossiping…. will always come and bit you on the rear end. Good goals šŸ™‚ xx


    1. I’m making the most of it whilst I can! Thankyou šŸ™‚ ah fragrance is just šŸ˜ i shall do! I’ve learnt that for sure, no more gossiping šŸ™…šŸ» thankyou and thankyou for reading and commenting! Xx


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