Hey guys ❤️ I was reading through lots of my old blog posts recently and it reminded me of how my blog started out. I used to do daily blog posts and used this little space on the internet as my journal, but lately I haven’t been writing such personal posts and I miss daily blogging. I enjoy writing up posts that require a little more thought but I want to make sure I still ‘journal’ here too. Now I’m working full time, I don’t always feel up for writing about my day, I just want to sleep! Now I’ve decided that whenever I do something with my day that isn’t just working I’m going to blog about it. So expect more journal style posts 😋

Today I did have work, my hours were 9-6. I had a really busy day today and did lots of makeovers which I found really fun. I love doing makeovers on people and making people feel good about themselves. Getting to do peoples makeup everyday is definitely something to smile about. My favourite thing to do is face makeup – foundation, contour, blush and highlight. I would like to work on my eyeshadow and liner skills as I could definitely improve in that area.

We had lots of big sales today and lots of happy, grateful customers. It feels so good when customers are truly appreciative of your help and you know you have made a difference in how they feel about themselves.

I had lots of lovely chats with my coworkers today, I work with a lovely bunch!

After work, I bought a new bronzer from L’Oréal, the ‘Glam Bronze Duo’ in the shade 01. I have used this before and really like it, it’s great for contouring. It also comes with a highlighter, but I don’t use that. I bought a kohl eyeliner from Seventeen and a pencil sharpener (for makeup)!

I then went into my favourite DVD store CEX which is store which sells second hand DVDs and games ect. I bought the 2015 edition of ‘Cinderella’ which I have spoken about before in a previous blog post. I’ve only seen this film once with my sister, but I wanted to buy it so I could watch it again and also introduce the film to my parents because I think it’s such a beautiful movie.

My family picked me up from work and we got a Chinese takeaway, which is my fave ever. We went home and relaxed on the sofa, eating our meal. I put Cinderella on the TV but we spent most of our time talking rather than paying attention to the film. It was nice to socialise with each other and have a natter. Family time is so important. I’m sure you’ve heard me say that many times!

Now my sister Zoë has gone home and Dad has gone to bed, my mums on the phone to my brother and I’m just writing this blog post whilst watching Cinderella. 😊

I’ll be off now and will chat with you again tomorrow 🙂 I hope you’ve all had a nice day today. Love, Jennie ❤️



  1. Aww…you’re so sweet~ Hope that your day was also nice 🙂
    Well, from your blog post, it seems like you had a nice day…but um yeah 😀
    Have a nice day tomorrow, then~


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