Sunny days and nature walks🌞☘

imageWhat a beautiful life this is, the sun has been out to play, and I’m loving life making the most of a three day weekend. Life has been good to me, blessing me with this gorgeous sunshine on my weekend off. Thankyou world! 🌍🌞

I had the most beautiful day yesterday. My mum had work in the morning, so my dad and I went on a little walk in the late morning up to our local centre and mum met us from there at about half 12. The walk from my house to the local shops is around 25 minutes, but it’s such a pretty route with trees, fields and ponds. Nature at it’s finest.

My parents and I decided to go Howe Park Woods, which is a gorgeous Wood Centre with a lovely little cafe and beautiful, scenic walks.


This is the first time I have ever been to Howe Park and it definitely won’t be the last. We went to the cafe first for some food and drink, I got a carton of orange juice and a sausage bap which was really good. I’m such a fussy eater, especially when it comes to meats so you know it’s good if I liked it. I would definitely eat there again. I think they sometimes have bbq’s there too, so I would love to go one day when thats happening as I bet the food would be yummy and the atmosphere so lovely.

We then went for a stroll around the woods, which was really nice. Exploring through the trees and the mud reminded me of the beautiful walks I would go on when I lived in Menorca, but less dangerous (there are no wild pigs or scary cliff drops in this wood)!

I say it’s less dangerous, but there was still one rocky incident… Mother fell over trying to cross a stream! Oh my goodness, I couldn’t stop laughing. Except for getting her clothes muddy, she was fine so it’s acceptable to laugh right? Bless her. After witnessing mum fall, I point blank refused to cross the stream myself. I didn’t want to fall and get my clothes dirty, so I walked the long way around the stream to join up with them. If I was wearing more suitable attire I would have been more adventurous, but I did not want to ruin my nice clean clothes.

Along with the little streams, and the trees and bluebells, there were lots of other fun things to look at, such as a little ‘house’ made of sticks that someone had had fun making. It reminded me of school trips and being a member of the Brownie’s. There were also logs set out as a seating area and a place to start a fire, which is cool.

After walking around for a while, we went into one of the rooms at the cafe which had lots of educational posters and props inside, including snakeskin. Again, I felt like I was on a school trip. It was so cool to have a look at everything and learn more about the wildlife.

Snakeskin 🐍

We then went home, we left at the right time as when we were driving back it started raining. It was only a short burst of rain but I’m still happy that we missed it.

I truly had a lovely afternoon with my parents at Howe Park and it was so lovely to be outside in the sunshine, smiling and having fun. We were all very happy, sunny moods to match the sunny weather. I really can’t wait to go back to Howe Park with my loved ones. 🌞


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