April reflections, 2016 ❤️

Wow, this post is long overdue. We are around two weeks into May and April is long gone now, but better late than never right? I want to make sure that no matter what, I do reflect on each month as it passes.

During the month of April, I went out and partied a lot (of course) and I socialised with my friends.

I went out for my friend Chloe’s birthday, which happened to be a short but sweet night for me as I had work the next day. We had a lot of fun though and made some great memories. On that night, since I had work the next day I went to leave at about half 12, but the girls were having none of it. As I tried to walk away from the smoking area to leave the club they started chanting ‘Boring, boring, boring’!!! Moments later the whole of the outside smoking area, which is a big area by the way, had joined in. I was mortified, to silence everyone I agreed to stay for another half an hour. I can’t believe Chloe managed to get so many people to chant at me, it was so funny.


On the 16th of April, I went on a night out to celebrate my bestest friends 21st birthday, and also to see another friend who was celebrating her birthday. This night was amusing and funny, and we have lots of funny stories from the night, but it ended up very very messy. I ended up crying tears into a sharebox of chicken nuggets and stumbling home at only 1am, my taxi driver must have thought I was crazy. Because of this night I’ve decided I need to tone it down when it comes to drinking, I was way too drunk that night, I was a mess. I never want to be in that state again. Now I know my limits, I also know to avoid redbull when mixing with alcohol, thats what gets the tears rolling. I’ve only been out once or twice since that night and I’ve not gotten too drunk resulting in me enjoying my night much more and feeling a lot happier and safer. Tipsy and merry is fine, but that’s as far as I want to go.

I socialised a lot more with my work friends in April and we went out for a leaving do together which was a lot of fun, and I have been invited to my managers birthday party which I am very much looking forward to. I love having a good relationship with my colleagues and I work with such a lovely bunch.

Speaking of work, one aspect of April that wasn’t so good was an incident that happened which left me quite upset. I received a customer complaint, so I had to have a meeting with my area manager to talk about what had gone on. Luckily she wasn’t cross, she was perfectly lovely and supportive and I feel so grateful to have such a kind AM. Whilst I was upset to recieve a customer complaint, I also feel as if it was meant to be as since then I have become a much better worker. I am more friendly and smiley than ever and I try my best to help all customers to the best of my ability. I want to be the best that I can be in all aspects of my life and this has just pushed me to be better.

Life is all about learning and taking the good from the bad 🌞

Getting back to all the goodness of April (because its mostly good, good, good). The girls and I finally booked a holiday together. Yay! I have been desperate to book one for so long and now we all have something exciting to look forward to.



I spent lots and lots of lovely time with my family in April, as you know Family Time is soo important to me. We went out for dinner a few times, to Frankie and Benny’s and Bella Italia. I feel like as a family unit, we all spent lots of quality time together and had a lovely time in each other’s company. I hope for many more times like this ahead.

All in all I think April was a really really good month. I am thankful that I spent a lot of happy times with my family and we went out often and I am grateful that my friends and I spent lots of time together having happy days and making memories, and we have made plans for the future. I am also thankful for everything I learnt throughout April, I feel like lots of lessons have been learnt which are only helping me improve as a person.

Here’s to May 🍾 Let’s hope its another month full of happiness and love, for all of us. Thankyou for reading ❤️ Jennie ❤️

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