Bikes, books and Bella Italia 🚲📚🍝

Hey guys how are you all? I’m currently playing Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 and watching Gossip Girl. I’m loving RCT at the moment, I’ve completed like 8 levels in about a week. It’s so much fun, I did have the waterpark expansion pack too but I’m not sure where that is anymore 😦 meh, the normal game is good enough for me anyway.

This morning when I woke up I was a litttle bit grumpy and I ended up taking it out on my dad which isn’t fair. My living situation at the moment still isn’t as it should be and more often than not it gets me down, I hope everything gets resolved soon but until then I really have to try and make it the best I can be. I want to make my family happs, not take my grumpy moods out on them.

My dad and I went for a walk to the bus stop so we could check the out the timetable, as I was going to get a bus to meet Emily. In the end my mum kindly offered to give me a lift 😊 It’s good to have a copy of the timetable though for future reference and I’m glad I spent that time with my dad. We walked and talked about our situation and now I feel more confident that things are going to be okay. ❤️

I then went on a quick bike ride before I met Emily for lunch. I absolutely love the area I live in because it is perfect for cycling, it is such a beautiful location with lots of trees and fields and lots of people are always out and about walking and cycling here which is really nice to see. 🚲 There’s also a field right near where I live which has horses in and I love to cycle past and watch the horses play and live there lives. It makes me feel so happy and at one with nature. I would love to sit by that field one day and read, relax and watch the horses. That would be perfect.

I then met Emily for lunch, we went to Bella Italia and it was very yummy. I was going to get the ‘Pizza Spirale’ for starters but since Emily wasn’t getting a starter herself I decided not to either. It meant I saved money so I’m good without the starter, even though the Pizza Spirale is delicious. For my main I got spag bol. 🍝 I always get spaghetti bolognaise when I go to Bella, it’s actually so tasty and my favourite dish from this restaurant.

Emily and I then went to the shops and had a look around. We also bought ice cream from Thorntons, the best ice cream ever! Or perhaps the second best, since the ice cream I used to get in Menorca was amazing!

We went into ‘The Works’ so I could look for some books as they always have a ‘3 books for £5 ‘ offer on, but I couldn’t see any which took my fancy. Then Emily had to go because her parking was running out, so I waited up the city for my mum to pick me up. Whilst I waited I decided to look in WHSmiths, and I was spoilt for choice. There were so many books in there which I wanted. I bought ‘The Little Paris Bookshop’ by Nina George and ‘Strictly Between Us’ by Jane Fallon, they are both novels about love and friendship and I am so excited to read them. 📚

I enjoyed seeing Emily today, we had a lovely time together and I feel grateful because I always feel I can be myself around her. I can’t wait for our next outing ❤️

Mum picked me up from the city and we went to the pub where we met my father, we had some good chats and I told them lots of stories and we talked about the football which was really lovely.

Then we came home to chill! I’m really tired right now but I just want to keep playing RCT. The level I’m currently on is actually quite difficult but thats good with me because I love a challenge.

I hope you have all had a good day today 😊 What have you been up to? Thanks for reading 🌻 Lots of love, Jennie ❤️ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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