ZSL London Zoo.🐯🐒🐍

imageLast Sunday my best friend Emily and I spent a fun filled day at London Zoo. For a couple of months now we have been meaning to visit, but we never actually made the plan. It turned out to be a spontaneous trip as we were originally supposed to be going to Thorpe Park but after a couple of the girls couldn’t come, Emily and I decided to visit London Zoo instead. We can go to Thorpe Park another time, when there are more of us.

ZSL London Zoo is located in London (obvs), right by Regents Park and Camden Town. We had to walk through Camden in order to get to the Zoo so of course we snapchatted using the ‘Camden’ filters in true tourist style.

We were very fortunate as the weather was perfect for a trip to the zoo, so sunny and hot. I didn’t realise how hot it was going to be so I overdressed a little in jeggings, I would have been much better off in shorts but its okay. We had plenty of ice cream to cool us down. 🍦 It was so lovely to be outside making the most of the sunshine, sunny days really are the best days. ☀️

There was a bbq at the Zoo and Emily and I both got a burger each and we sat down on the grass to eat, it was like a little Summer picnic. Very cute and summery.

Bbq’s are the best 😊

Now it’s time to talk about the animals right? After all I did go to the Zoo, and animals are what this place revolves around. Enough food and weather talk 🙊


When we first arrived at the zoo, Emily told me that this was the place were they filmed that scene from Harry Potter and the philosophers stone, you know the one were they go to the zoo and Harry interacts with the snake which then escapes? So we went into the reptile house and Emily got a snapchat of me speaking parseltongue with the snakes. 🐍 Very funny.

We went to see the penguins who were clearly having the time of there lives swimming around in the pool. I was soo jealous of them, it was so hot I seriously would have done anything to join the penguins in that pool and cool down. I would have probably gotten kicked out if I’d jumped in to be fair, I’d rather be too hot than thrown out 🙈

My favourite animals to watch were the giraffes, which also happen to be Emily’s favourite animals too. They are so fascinating, so tall!! I was mesmerized by them. There were three giraffes in the enclosure and there were huge trees with boxes of food attached high up for the giraffes to eat. I would love to actually stand next to a giraffe, it would be so cool. I just can’t get over how tall they are, it’s awesome. The giraffes were pretty much doing there own thing, the one closest to us was so sassy. It kept arching it’s head back like it was sticking its nose up at us short little peasants. At one point it was super cute because two of the giraffes moved past each other and as they crossed paths they took a moment to nuzzle one another. It was adorable! I would love to know what thoughts go through these animals minds, it truly is fascinating.

Along with the giraffes, we also saw the monkeys. Monkeys are soooo cute, I want one! The play area they have looks so much fun, lot’s of wooden climbing frames and ‘swings’. I wanted to play. 🙊

We also saw a tiger being fed which was so cool, imagine being a zoo keeper and feeding and training all the big, scary, wild animals. It would really cool to try it one day but I know I would be terrified. How come the animals don’t bite their trainers heads off!?

There were no elephants or bears at this zoo, I would have loved to have seen them but they are located at the ZSL Whipsnade Zoo, so I definitely intend on going there soon to see more animals.

There were lots and lots of other animals though, ones I never knew even existed including an animal which looked a cross between a horse and a zebra. Of course there were proper zebras too, they are so pretty.


There were also flamingoes, kangaroos, meetkats and many many other animals. It was really fun to watch all the animals go about their lives and Emily and I had fun together.

We went to the giftshop and Emily bought lots of souvenirs, I bought a butterfly magnet for my parents because my dad loves butterflies and I bought two postcards, I’m going to send my grandparents one and perhaps give the other to my sister.


Then it was home time! Before leaving London, we stopped in Camden Town for a look around the shops. I definitely need to go to London soon purely for a shopping spree, they have all the best shops. We went into Cyberdog which has to be one of my favourite shops ever, it’s the coolest place. This was the first time I had been on weekend day and they had these dancers on balconies performing, and the music was blaring. I say it everytime I go in there, but Cyberdog would make the coolest club. I bought two glow in the dark nail polishes, my first ever purchase from Cyberdog. They will be perfect for EDC 🎉

After looking around Camden we got the train home and met up with our friend Chantal, we went to the pub for a couple of drinks and we had a chat and a giggle.

London Zoo is such a fun place to visit, I really enjoyed seeing all the animals and spending a sunny day with my bestie 👭🌞 I definitely intend on visiting again soon.


  1. Oh hon I’m 21 😊 You have nothing to worry about, and neither do I apparantly, since the younger I look now the younger I’ll look when I’m ‘old’ 😉


      1. Well like you said: later you’ll be lucky to look young 😀


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