“What Susie says of Sally…”

“What Susie says of Sally says more of Susie than of Sally”

These are wise words which I really desperately need to start living by.

A light gossip every now and then is one thing, but I believe that sometimes I can take it too far and I’m not proud of that at all, so from now on I really want to try and be more loyal and kind and less bitchy and judgemental.

I wish I could just be someone who only ever says nice things about people ❤️  The type of person who only sees someones positive quailities. My aim in life is to be a good friend and to be good to those who are good to me.

Whilst no one is perfect, it’s not for me to go around slating them for their mistakes.

I’m not saying I’m ever going to be a complete saint, but I hope that as each day goes by I grow as person and I become a better friend, who is more loving and kind.

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