Matilda The Musical πŸŽ‰


Hello everyone ❀️ A few weeks ago I wrote a post all about the film ‘Matilda’ in which I told you that I would soon be seeing the musical version in London with my sister, ZoΓ«.

Well, Saturday the 28th was the day ZoΓ« and I went to see the show and we had a great time.

‘Matilda’ is playing at the Cambridge Theatre which is located in the wonderful Covent Garden so thats where we spent a couple of hours before the show.

I hadn’t been to Covent Garden in YEARS before Saturday and I had forgot how amazing this place is. As soon as we stepped out of the station there was chaos, with football fans chanting outside a pub whilst throwing inflatable balls up in the air. It was madness and I was genuinely afraid that we were going to get hit by an inflatable as we made our way through the crowd, but it was funny.

Then I saw the MAC shop. 😍 I literally marched straight in and asked if they had the ‘Stone’ lipstick. I was really surprised when the lady got one out for me as I haven’t been able to get it anywhere, not even in the Camden store. Ladies, if you are after the Mac Stone lippie, go to Covent Garden!


There are so many wonderful shops in Covent Garden, including CHANEL. As I was wearing a Chanel bag that day it felt only right to pose for a photo outside the shop with my bag involved, like the right keen bean that I am. Then ZoΓ« swapped her bag for mine so I could take a photo of her outside Chanel, wearing Chanel. I bet the security guards in the shop were so over us posing, but Zo and I really had such a giggle.


We then stopped off at Pizza Express before the show, for a bite to eat. πŸ• Pizza Express doughballs are truly Heavenly.

After running around Covent Garden for a while, it was time for the show. Our seats were in the Upper Circle and we had a really great view. Walking to the seats made me nervous as it’s so high up, but once I was sat down I was fine. I was absolutely gutted though as I forgot to bring cash with me, which meant I couldn’t buy any ice cream. πŸ˜”


Moving on from the ice cream tragedy, the show itself was great. I was expecting it to be very similar to the movie, but it was actually quite different. The revelation of Miss Honey being the niece of evil Miss Trunchbull played out in a simple but creative and exciting way which was different to the movie, yet was perfect for the musical.

Of course the show still included key moments, such as Bruce Bogtrotter having to eat that huge chocolate cake and the classic ‘Make the glass tip over’ moment.

A really cool part of the show was when Amanda Thripp got swung around by Miss Trunchbull, who was holding onto Amanda’s pigtails. I have no idea how they did that, surely it would hurt? If you’ve seen the movie then you will know Amanda goes flying through the air, so in this scene of the show ‘Amanda’ went flying down straight onto the stage landing with a loud THUMP. It all happened so fast, so I couldn’t tell if it was the real actress playing Amanda who was flying or if it was a dummy – I really wish I knew how they did that.

The choreography in this show was awesome. One of my favourite scenes would have to be when the children performed ‘When I grow up’. It was a beautiful scene with stunning choreography. The children entered onto the stage from a slide at the back which was really sweet and fun, and they performed on swings which were hanging down from the ceiling. It was gorgeous. If you can I would reccommend youtubing that scene because it was so lovely. It made me feel quite emotional too. Miss Honey also performed at the end of this song, which was really touching as it showed how small she had been made to feel all her life, when all she really wanted was to be brave.

The talent in the show was really excellent. Miss Trunchbull was actually played by a man and thinking about it, I think that was the best decision casting could have made. Craige Els portrayed Miss Trunchbull so well.

Although I love the character of Matilda, with Zaris-Angel Hator portraying the character really well, my favourite characters in the show were Bruce Bogtrotter and Lavender. Lavender is so sweet, I love how she was so fascinated by Matilda and how she made a big show of being good friends with her. Bruce is a very funny character and he had some great moments – when he sang the intro to Revolting Children I found myself laughing out loud and absolutely loving it. ‘Revolting Children’ was definitely one of my favourite musical numbers from the show and the scene that surrounded it was one of the best.

All in all Matilda was such an excellent show and I would love to see it again. It was funny, entertaining and well scripted, with simple yet creative scenery and fun, exciting choreography which keeps you entertained throughout.

If you are a fan of Matilda or a fan of musical theatre then I would definitely suggest going to see Matilda The Musical. Whilst this show is obviously great for children, it’s still perfect for us adults too. ☺️

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my post about my day trip to see Matilda, if you have seen the show too then let me know in the comments. ☺️

Thankyou for reading, love Jennie ❀️ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. It looks like you had an amazing time! Pizza express dough balls are great haha πŸ˜‚ and I’ve never seen Matilda, but I love seeing musicals, it’s always so energetic and fun, but can also be really powerful and emotional


  2. It looks like you had fun! I’ve never seen Matilda the Musical but I loved the movie so maybe I’ll check it out if its in my area!


  3. I just saw Matilda recently as well (but in New York). I loved it so much!! I keep listening to the soundtrack because it makes me so happy.


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