May favourites 2016.


Hey lovelies, I hope you’re well. ☺️ Today is the day for the monthly favourites, we are almost halfway through the year and I’m quite impressed that I’m still here doing my monthly favourites. This time last year when I made youtube videos, I could never think of anything to include in a favourites video. Today I have quite a lot of cosmetics on my favourites list, so if you would like to know what I was loving throughout May (and still am), then read on!

L’Oréal Paris So Couture liner.
I apologise that the So Couture liner doesn’t feauture in my main picture – I found it in my makeup bag with the lid off completely dried up, so I chucked it in the bin before realising I needed it for this post. Oops. Even though it’s dried out now, I just had to include this in my May favourites as it really is the best eyeliner I’ve ever used, nothing compares to this liner! The ‘So Couture’ is a pen liner which is so easy to apply, with a short and thin tip making it extra easy to create that perfect wing. You can create a smooth thin line or build up for a thicker one, it’s completely up to you. Sadly this liner was only available as part of L’Oréals 2015 Christmas gift, I wish they would make it available to buy all year round.

Urban Decay Electric Palette.
Forgive me, I know this was in my April favourites too but I just love it so much and have been using it so much recently. This is the perfect eyeshadow palette full of vibrant, beautiful colours to create playful and dramatic looks. The purple shades are still my favourite as I find they really compliment my blue eyes. I also use the shades in this palette to line my waterline as the colours really make my eyes pop, and add a little difference to a makeup look. This is by far the best eyeshadow palette that I own.

Max Factor Ageless Elixir serum in the shade ‘Light Ivory’.
I have been absolutely loving this foundation recently and I would definitely recommend it. It gives a full coverage with a dewy finish and leaves skin feeling soft and looking really smooth. The serum in the foundation makes this product extra fab because it provides protection against the sun and hyrdates the skin.

Max Factor lipfinity lip liner in the shade 14 ‘Nude n Brown’.
I have been loving this lip liner so much recently, it’s a gorgeous nude brown shade just as the name states which I wear all over my lips for that perfect pout. This product is long lasting on the lips because it’s a lip liner and gives a full matte finish. I overline my lips a little bit when I wear this to create a fuller plumper look and I always get compliments when I wear this.

Sleek blusher in the shade Pomegranate.
I have had this blusher for years now, but it’s not something I’ve ever used a lot because it’s a little on the darker side. Lately though, I’ve just been loving it. I just sweep a little bit on along my cheekbones and on the apples of my cheeks and it gives me a flush of colour that really stands out. I would say this colour is probably more suited for the autumn as it’s a deeper rose colour with a slight hint of coral, however I’ve still been loving it this spring time.

Kiko eyeshadow in the shade 169.
I have been using this eyeshadow as a highlighter for my eyes and sometimes my cheek bones. This is a sparkly white shade of shadow and is perfect for highlighting the brow bones and the inner corner of the eyes to really make them stand out and look brighter, making them sparkle beautifully.

YSL Touche Eclat.
If you have followed my blog for a while, you will know that I absolutely love the Touche Eclat from YSL! This is a light to medium coverage concealer which I use to hide the dark circles under my eyes and to cover any blemishes. When used around the eyes this concealer makes a huge difference by brightening the area and making you look more awake. This concealer is also great for strobing / highlighting as it reflects light for a pretty, natural highlight.


Harry Potter, the films.

Eek I have been obsessed with Harry Potter these past few weeks. It’s such an exciting story which I never ever get bored of. I don’t know what else to say about HP because I’m sure everyone already knows how fabulous it is, and if not, are you okay!?

There you have my May favourites. ☺️ It won’t be long until I’m posting my June favourites I’m sure, time flies. I hope you all enjoyed reading this post, thankyou very much for checking it out. ☺️

Don’t forget to let me know what you were loving throughout May! ❤️

Love, Jennie ❤️ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. I am not into makeup a lot, but HARRY POTTER! ❤ The films are so good, but I still havent read the book! 😦 In fact I am watching The prisoner of Azkaban right now 🙂


      1. 🙂 But its past midnight here and I stopped watching because I didn’t want to dream about werewolves! 😀


    1. I havent made one since January because of moving into my Nans, and now Ive kind of lost all motivation and I dont have internet at home except on my phone atm, maybe when I do I’ll start making videos again! Do you make them? Xx


      1. I don’t make them, I wouldn’t really know where to start, and I love blogging at the minute! If you ever start them again please let me know! Also are your videos still up there if I wanted to watch them? x


  2. Well I’m glad youre happy doing what youre doing! Blogging is great- I prefer it to vlogging because then I don’t have to worry if my hairs a bit out of place or my lipsticks smudged, ahha! I will do lovely 🙂 yeah they are, do you want the link? Ps i followed you on instagram 😀 x


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