Cosmetics Haul – Dior ‘n’ moreπŸ’„πŸ’•

MAKEUP SHOPPING! The best type of shopping there is, right? I own more lipsticks than tshirts, more eyeshadows than skirts, more mascaras than jumpers… But I’m not mad about it. One can never have too much makeup.

When payday arrives, treating myself to new makeup is an absolute must! There’s always something on my list to purchase. This month was no different, so today I thought I would do a little haul and show you what makeup products I have bought this month.


DIOR Addict Ultra Gloss ‘465 SHOCK’
I purchased this lipgloss because the previous Dior gloss I have owned was pretty fab and I thought it was about time to try another. This shade is baby pink with lots of sparkles which I think are beautiful, especially when caught in the light. This lipgloss is perfect for the Summer months because of it’s gorgeous sparkliness and shimmer, and it gives a natural but pretty finish to the lips. I also like that with this gloss you can still see that I’m wearing something on my lips, and it’s not sticky either! The only downside to this gloss is that it’s quite thick and creamy, so it can feel quite heavy on the lips.



MAC lipstick ‘STONE’
I have been wanting this MAC lipstick for months and I’ve finally got my hands on it. It’s pretty much been impossible to purchase this lipstick as it’s never in stock in the shops that I visit, however I got lucky when I visited the Covent Garden store because they actually had it available! What a pleasant surprise. MAC Stone is a matte dark grey / dark brown colour which I’ve heard is one that Kylie Jenner has worn previously, hence why I wanted it. I love how different this shade is to the everyday pinks and reds and I always feel trendy when I wear it. I like that it’s a matte finish and lasts throughout the day, only needing to be reapplied when I have eaten or had a drink. I just wish I had bought the lipliner to go with it now…


Shades top left to bottom right – ‘Ecliptic’ ‘Hemisphere’ ‘Subsolar’ ‘Equinox’

SLEEK Highlighting palette ‘SOLSTICE’
Oh my goodness, I have had my eye on this beauty from the day it came out and I am so happy I finally own it. This highlighting palette is a dream come true, it’s utterly gorgeous. I have to say, Sleek are slaying it at the moment – there’s a few products they have which are on my ‘to buy’ list but this one was definitely at the top. With this palette you get four different shades, one creamy, two baked powders and one silky powder*. Whilst I love all the shades in this palette, my favourite is definitely the lilac-pink shade that is ‘Hemisphere’. Oh my, it is stunning and I would happily compare it to Bobbi Brown’s Pink Shimmer brick, it’s so beautiful and creates a really striking and sculpted look. I love using ‘Hemisphere’ to highlight all over my face, it really makes the areas it’s applied to pop! Sleek also have another highlighting palette out similar to this one but with more golden shades, which is called ‘Precious Metals’. I definitely intend on buying that one too!

*Credit goes to for the description of the Solstice shade textures – since I wasn’t 100% sure on them myself πŸ™Š*

I love all my new makeup items, but I already can’t wait to buy more. πŸŽ‰

I hope you enjoyed my little haul post, seeing and reading all about the new items I have purchased recently. Have you used any of these products before, or would you like to try them one day?

Thankyou for reading. ☺️ Lot’s of love, Jennie ❀️ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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