MUA Monday. Natural Daytime looks & Progression.

Last year after completing a L3 Diploma in Makeup Artistry, I qualified as a professional MUA. Studying Makeup Artistry was one of the best decisions I have ever made, becoming a qualified MUA has opened so many doors for me and helped me leaps and bounds with my career.

I didn’t have this blog whilst I was studying makeup, so I thought it would be fun to share with you now some pictures of my work here on this blog every now and then, in a series which I will call MUA Monday (although I may add to this series on day’s that aren’t a Monday, because I’m a rebel 😋).

Today I am going to show you some daytime looks I have done on my mum, who has always been so kind to model for me when I needed someone to practice on. Mum’s are the best right? ☺️ I am going to share these pictures in order, from the first makeup look I did on my mother to the most recent to show how I have progressed and learnt over the past two years.

My first ever time doing makeup on another person ❤️

This is the first time I ever did my Mum’s makeup- or anyones makeup as far as I can remember. This was before I had even started college and I created a face chart to go with the look too. This was supposed to be a daytime look, but both my mum and I decided it would be more suitable for an evening look since it’s a little more dramatic. What I love about this look is the glam red lipstick and I like the face makeup in general, however the eyeshadow wasn’t right for my mum. I used dark purples and greys in an attempt to create smokey eyes, but I found the darker colours made mums eyes look more drawn in, when what I wanted to do was make them pop. Other than the eyeshadow I was pretty happy with the finished look, especially for my first attempt. 💄

A pretty natural look. 🌸


This is a natural daytime look I did on my mum which actually turned out how I wanted it to look. My mum has fair blonde hair, so lighter shades really suit her as you can see from this picture. The light glossy pink lipstick colour is gorgeous and I love the subtle, natural pink blush which lifts the face and adds a healthy pop of colour. I left the eyes more natural to keep them looking bright and fresh, then to finish off the look I filled in the eyebrows. This look is very pretty and natural, I love how it turned out.

Pretty in Pink. 🌸

This is the most recent look I have done on my mother and I think she looks beautiful. You can see this look is very similar to the last one, being just a little brighter with more subtle brows. I already knew from last time that pink colours really suited my mum, so for this look I decided to add a slightly bolder, brighter pink lipstick. I also popped on a little more pink blush than before which makes my mums skin look so healthy and radiant. With the eyes I left them more natural, with just some mascara and subtle white eyeshadow to open them up. As you can see, it look’s so much better than the heavy dark shadow and really makes the eyes look more brighter. I filled in the brows differently this time, only stroking a little powder on where needed to create a natural but defined look. I prefer the brows here than on the last look, but I think either way they still look good. 💋

My mum has definitely been a great model for me, even when she had watery eyes so couldn’t wear eyeliner. Bless her. 💕

I hope you enjoyed this post, I definitely intend on uploading more pictures of my work here on the blog. I’m looking forward to sharing with you the looks I have created. ☺️

Thankyou for reading, love Jennie. ❤️ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. The ‘pretty in pink’ look really suits your mum (not to say the others don’t) I’m excited to see more of your work 🙂 xx


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