Lush bath bomb haul.🌷

Hey guys, I hope you’re all well. The other day at work I saw a customer walk in with a bag full of Lush goodies. I realised it had been ages since I had treated myself to any Lush products, so that evening I popped into Lush and treated myself to some bath bombs.

Today I am going to show you the bath bombs that I bought (Which I’ve already used, oops)!

When it comes to bath bombs, I always tend to buy the same ones over and over so I thought it was time I tried something new. After looking at a few different bath bombs, I decided to buy the ‘Fizzbanger’ because I liked that it was yellow and I thought it sounded fun. When I popped it in the bath, it fizzed away (as you would expect from a bath bomb called fizzbanger) to reveal a blue ‘interior’ turning the bath water bright shades of blue and yellow. I’ve never had yellow bath water before, I liked it. It gave me all the Summer vibes. 🌞 In the very centre of the bath bomb, was a little piece of paper which said ‘BANG’, which you can see in the picture above. I thought this was really random but hey, I guess it added an element of surprise because I wasn’t expecting to find a bit of paper in my bath bomb. Scent-wise it smelt sherbetty to me, however Lush describe it to be ‘Apple Orchard scented’. Either way it smelt good. I would definitely buy this bath bomb again.


The Sexbomb has always been one of my favourite bath bombs. It’s so pretty and I love the pink and purple colourings of it, with the little flower in the middle. This bath bomb turns the water pink which is obviously the best colour for a bath, at least for me, the colour pink is my favourite. The flower in the centre of the bath bomb makes the water feel quite soft and creamy, which is really nice. Scent-wise this bath bomb is nothing too crazy, just the type of scent you would expect from a bath bomb. I think the ‘Sexbomb’ is so beautiful, I will always keep repurchasing this one.


‘Intergalactic’, the BEST bath bomb EVER. This bath bomb is absolutely stunning, it is by far my favourite I have ever used. It looks gorgeous before you even use it, but when it hits the water then its just wow. 😍 Absolutely stunning. This mostly turns the water a midnight blue colour – like the night sky, however before it settles you get hints of pinks and purples and other pretty shades. This bath bomb is glittery too which makes it all the more perfect, because it makes the water sparkle and then when you get out of the bath, you sparkle too. ✨ This bath bomb has quite a strong scent, minty freshness is how I would describe it. It’s absolutely perfect and I will always love this bath bomb the most, if there’s such a thing as a magical bath bomb then Intergalactic is the one.

Those are all the bath bombs that I have purchased recently! I will definitely be doing another Lush haul soon because I love Lush so much, who doesn’t?

I hope you enjoyed this post, thankyou for reading. Love, Jennie. ❤️ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


      1. Oh phew I’m not alone. Well I loved intergalactic because it reminded me of Sully from monster’s Inc. and because it was the most colourful for me


  1. That scent of fizzbanger sounds so fun and looks very beachy! But oh my goodness that intergalactic bath bomb looks gorgeous :O! Looking forward to the next Lush haul x


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