Certificates and Success. ✨

Hey guys, I hope you’re all well. ☺️☺️ Today I am going to do a diary style post as I’ve had a pretty good day and want to ‘celebrate’ it here on my blog.

As per usual, I went to work today to do my normal 9-6 shift. I bet you’re thinking, ‘Jen why are you telling us about your day at work’? But it was a reaaaally good day, so bare with me. Gotta share the positive stories here to look back on when I’m older. ☺️

I knew my area manager was coming in today to go through some bits and pieces, and complete my training with me. Obviously with an area manager coming in to visit everything has to be perfect, so you can imagine the look of pure horror on my face when I realised too little too late that I had left an essential part of my uniform at home. With nothing left to do but confess my sin to my manager, I was pleasantly surprised when she offered to lend me her scarf for the day. How lovely of her! This meant my area manager would be none the wiser and our meeting could go without a hitch.

My AM arrived in the afternoon and off we went for our meeting. I had a quarterly review and she told me I was doing really well, especially for a newbie. Yay! 🎉

I had to present to her my mood board which was all about strobing and highlighting, and she read through a newsletter I had written. Satisfied with my work, my area manager signed a certificate to prove I had passed all my required training. Buzzzzing. I’m super happy with my certificate as I find as an adult, certificates are so hard to come by. As a child I used to get so many. Passed my 10metres swimming test? Certificate. Good behaviour at school? Certificate. These days receiving a certificate seems as rare as recieving a compliment from Simon Cowell. I may have to place the prized piece of paper on the fridge, for all to see.

Along with my certificate, I also received something even more exciting! A slip of paper informing me of a payrise. Abso buzzing! This means more money for me to save, save, save. 💰 I’m so thankful. 😊

Then my area manager told me something I was not expecting to hear. Someone had been singing my praises to her and telling her how happy they were with me and my work. Someone who I would never expect a compliment from had been really lovely about me and hearing about this really made my day!

And that’s that. My happy and successful day at work. Recieving such positive feedback honestly motivates me to be even better, and I want to keep making all the people who believe in me proud and impressed. I look forward to continuing my career at my current place of work and being the best me I can be.

I hope you have all had a great day today too guys, thankyou for reading. Love, Jennie. ❤️ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  1. Yay well done on your pay rise & your certificate! All your hard work has paid off and I am so happy for you xx


  2. That’s awesome ..Jennie. Your blogs are really good. You are amazeballs. I have my own blog too. Would love for you to check it out.xoxo

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