Tommy’s 2nd Birthday. 2️⃣🎂❤️🎉

On the 17th July my parents, sister and I took a trip down to Chippenham to visit family and celebrate my nephew Tommy’s second birthday.

We had to leave at around 8ish, meaning my alarm was set for 6.30. Waking up that early on a Sunday should be illegal. But the journey went pretty quickly, with lots of snacks and no traffic.

We arrived at my brothers house just gone 10 and I realised very quickly that I was in the wrong clothing. Sun shining brightly, I looked enviously at my mother who was in a nice Summer dress whilst I was stuck in black leggings and a tshirt. Not ideal but I managed.

We stayed at the house for a while, playing in my brothers awesome garden. He has such a lush house and the garden is huge with lots of play things, perfect for Tommy to grow up in. For his birthday Tommy got a cute little machine which blows bubbles and you can push it around the garden, he was obsessed and if we turned it off whilst he was doing something else, he’d stop what he was doing to switch it back on.

After a play in the garden we walked down to John Coles Park. The walk was so lovely, it took about 15-20 minutes and I was absolutely roasting, the sun was so hot. There was lots of nature on the way and a lovely little creek which was super cool. I love things like that.


The park itself is so cool. It was my first time there and I loved it from the moment I arrived. The perfect place for family friendly fun. It’s really modern with brightly coloured play apparatus such as swings and slides, my inner child was desperate to have a go. We spent our time at the Splash Pad, which is a circular surface of anti slip concrete with water shooters on the ground for the kids to run and play in, with stands with buckets of water that often tip over – so if you’re looking to get absolutely drenched then that’s the place to stand. I would have loved to have played in the Splash Pad myself, it looked like so much fun and the perfect way to cool down. Unfortunately though the age limit for the splash pad was 12 years old and it was too busy for me to sneak in. Tommy had a blast though, his little smile as he ran and splashed through the water was enough to make anyones day. He’s soo gorgeous. We watched Tommy play and chatted between ourselves which was really lovely, then we got ourselves some ice cream which was an absolute nightmare because they just melted straight away. I didn’t even have time to get a summery picture for Instagram, it was dripping as soon as I bought it.

We walked back home after a couple of hours at the park, then my brother Lee, my sister Zoë and I walked to a snack bar near Lee’s house to get lunch for everyone. It was really cool for the three of us to spend time together as siblings, we had a lovely time chatting and walking. I really enjoyed our quality sibling time, it’s not often we spend time just the three of us so it felt really great.

We spent the rest of the afternoon back at the house, sitting out in the garden eating and drinking. I went on the trampoline for a bit and I full on intended to stay on for 10 minutes so I could get some exercise but I literally only lasted one whole minute before I was out of breath. I know now that I should never buy a trampoline, it would be such a waste of money since I can’t even use it for long!

Tommy opened some of his presents, he got lots of great things. He mostly got car / truck related toys, my Nan got him a really cool garbage truck toy, awesome. The cake was brought out and we sang Happy Birthday, seeing Tommy blow out the candles was honestly so adorable. I didn’t think he would be able to do it by himself but he did, what a cherub.

Then it was time to go home, so we said goodbye to the fam and set off on our way.

We all had such a lovely day in Chippenham celebrating Tommy’s 2nd birthday, the weather was beautiful and we were all happy, happy, happy. I can’t wait for our next visit to Chippenham!

Thankyou for reading, love Jennie. 💖 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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