July reflections 2016. ✨

July ’16 was definitely one of my favourite months of the year, I felt good throughout, achieved a lot and had great times with friends and family. I’m really looking forward to reflecting on the past month because it was honestly such a good one and I’d even go as far to say it was the best month of the year for me so far.


Let’s start with career related things shall we? So work wise July was really great for me, if you read my Certificates and Success blog post you will know I passed my probation at work and got signed off as an official MUA for the company I work for. Hurray! I also received lovely positive feedback from my managers and I got a pay rise. Exciting. As for my blog, I had a really great month achieving a new ‘Best views ever’ and beating every previous month with how many times it has been viewed. This has got me feeling more motivated to create great content for my blog and work really hard on it so it’s the best it can be. I’m excited as I have lots of posts planned for this month and even though I will be going on holiday for a week, I’m aiming to have more views this month than I did in July. Alanna from ImAGalaxyGirl also wrote a lovely post dedicated to me for being her favourite blogger of the month. This meant a lot to me and really put a smile on my face, her post is so lovely and her blogs amazing so be sure to check it out. It’s been great to watch my blog grow and see stats rising, I’m a sucker for stats, targets and growth – one of the things I love most about my current job on the makeup counter.

Friendship and Family wise I’ve had a great month, with lots of fun and happiness. I’ve made excellent memories with all of my loved ones and we have spent some great times together.

I went on a work night out at the start of the month and my besties also joined me. That was a fun night and I got to update my MUA Portfolio on facebook because my bestie Chantal asked me to do her makeup. This was my first time doing someones makeup outside of work in sooo long and it was so much fun, Chantal looked gorgeous as always. We had a fun night starting at Revs De Cuba then going to Pink Punters, the best nightclub in MK. 🎉

Then we had EDC which was SO MUCH FUN. Definitely one of the best days of this year so far with my favourite people. We had the best time and I finally got to see Avicii live. Avicii is one of my favourite DJ’s, I think his music is amazing so seeing him live was a bucket list moment for me. I had a great time with my girls in the sunshine, drinking and dancing. It was a day of pure good vibes and happiness, I’m really thankful I had such a great day at EDC.

The day after EDC my family and I had a little bbq to celebrate my sisters birthday which was nice. More family birthday celebrations followed the week after as we drove down to Wiltshire to celebrate my nephew Tommy’s 2nd birthday. This was SUCH a lush day and I had a lovely time with my family. Seeing Tommy laugh and play is so sweet and it’s always the best time spent with him making him smile. It was great to spend such a happy time with my family and I can’t wait for the next day in Wiltshire.

I spent a fun evening at the fair with Emily, Beth and Chlo. This was such a fun evening and it was sweet to spend time with my fave gals.


At the end of the month, I went on a fun and spontaneous night out with Emily, Chantal and Jess. What I loved about this night is how I wasn’t even expecting to go out until the day before when I just thought to myself fuck it, I wanna have a good night with my friends. Before I worked full time I used to go out and party pretty much every weekend, it’s a lot less than that now because I get so sleepy but this was a good night with the girls. It was really good to see Jess because I hadn’t seen her in such a while, and we had lots of banter and giggles. We had fun dancing in Revs and then Emily, Chantal and I went to Wonderworld and met up with our friend who was out for her birthday! Wonderworld was so much fun, I got a litttle tipsy, danced the night away and had giggles and chats with Chantal out in the smoking area.

July really was such a great month for me and I’m so thankful that I had such a great time with all my loved ones. Here’s to AUGUST, hopefully it will be just as good as last month.

Thanks for reading guys, love Jennie. ❤️🌹 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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