Magaluf Part 1. ☀️ Beach days and towel thieves. 👙

Hello everyone, how are we all? Today it’s time to fill you in on my holiday to Magaluf! Since I was away for a week I think it may take me more than one post to tell you all about it, so I will be doing Magaluf Part 1, 2 and potentially 3, it all depends on how long I ramble for.

So I arrived in Magaluf early afternoon on Thursday the 11th of August. It was hot and sunny and I couldn’t wait to get into my bikini, but apparantly I was going to have to wait as there was a delay with our rooms being ready. Not a good start. So our 18-30’s rep took us through all the events that would be going on throughout the week and we bought a wristband for €230. This wristband enabled us entry to the events and each night we could upgrade for €9 euros and get free drinks all night. I’ve still got this wristband on, I may aswell keep it since it was more expensive than any of my actual jewellery.

By 1ish our room still wasn’t ready, so we got changed in the public toilets (ew) and left our luggage in the storage cupboard provided by the hotel. We decided to go outside and see what Magaluf had to offer and all I can say is I was pleasantly surprised! For a place most famously known as Shagaluf, it really is beautiful. Magaluf beach is so gorgeous, with luscious sand and a gorgeous blue sea. We took some pictures for Instagram and carried on having a look around.


Finally our room was ready so we took our luggage up and collapsed in a heap on the beds. Since we had had barely any sleep in the last 24 hours we all fell asleep pretty quickly, until I woke with a start feeling panicked and ‘not right’. You know when you just get a bad feeling inside of you that you can’t ignore? That’s what I had. I was worried about my family, I really struggle being apart from them. So I tried to whatsapp call them and nobody was picking up, which left me frustrated and in tears. Eventually I got through and all was okay, but in that moment I was wondering how I was going to get through the next week without freaking out.

That night Lethal Bizzle was performing at one of the clubs, and we full on intended to go and see him live. However tiredness took over and we spent our first night in Magaluf peacefully asleep. Real wild huh?

The next morning we woke up feeling fresh and decided to head out for some breakfast. We visited a nice little bar / cafe located right by the beach which played Bob Marley music non-stop, this definitely made me feel all the good vibes. I ordered a fry up which was lovely, but sat outside in the sun it was way too much for me!

For the rest of the day we chilled on the beach and Emily and I spent ages relaxing and paddling in the sea. It was sooo nice and refreshing, I had so much fun. We also played bat and ball, which we were shit at but hey, running on the sand is hard work.


That night it was the Full Moon Party, so along with the reps and other 18-30’s people we went on a bar crawl and then to a club called ‘Bananas’ where we got given a bucket to fill up with free drinks repeatedly throughout the night. I had two or three buckets of Vodka Lemonade and I was an absolute mess, which is not a surprise really. A bucket is a LOT bigger than a glass and the Spanish always use so much alcohol when making drinks.

The full moon party was fun. At least what I saw of it was. By 11 I had pulled, go me!!! And I was making my way back to the hotel, aware that Dappy was supposed to be playing at the club that night and this boy better be worth me missing the show. It turns out he wasn’t worth missing Dappy for, luckily for me though Dappy didn’t actually show up so it’s not like I’d missed out. I don’t remember anything from that night, expect the vague memory of me screaming at this guy to get out of the hotel room pronto.

The next morning I woke up and fell off the bed. Good start to the day Jen, brilliant. The girls and I find ourselves howling with laughter as we realise this guy has left ALL his clothes in our room, and Chantal’s towel has suspiciously gone missing. I also spot a pair of glasses on my bedside table, which certainly did not belong to me or my friends. Crying with laughter that this guy had actually left stark naked in nothing but Chantal’s towel, we spent a good while talking about the night before and constantly cracking up. Definitely one of the best laughs I’ve had all year, the day was off to a good start…

*So that concludes part 1 of my Magaluf tales! I’m looking forward to updating you all with part 2. Thankyou so much for reading, with lots of love, Jennie. ❤️*


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