One way or another, I’m gonna get ya. ☀️


These quotes are all so relevant right now.

Okay so if you read yesterdays blog post you will know that when I was in Magaluf I pulled the most gorgeous guy ever – barr Zac Efron. No but seriously, he was hot. 👌🏼 And yes I did block him on fbk and whatsapp but today I decided to unblock him because I realise I fucked up. Just because he didn’t message me last night doesn’t mean he wasn’t ever going to. He’s on holiday and having fun. He isn’t obligated to text me.

But he diiiiiid say he would come and see me when he was back, and I’ve decided I would like that a lot! I blocked him because I would rather keep him away than give him the power to pie me off, but is it really so bad if he does? By not allowing him to hurt me, I’m only hurting myself. And this goes for most of my boy related issues, I don’t want to get hurt so I always block them before they have the chance to screw me over big time. I need to stop being afraid because it will get me nowhere, and I realise now if I want something I have to put myself out there and go for it. And I want this boy, at least once more anyway ha ha.

I don’t wanna marry him or be with him or any shit like that, I just feel as if we have unfinished business that I would quite like to, well you know, finish. 🤔 So I’ve decided I am going to message him something casual, just a simple ‘so when are you coming to see me then? ;-)’ and see where it goes from there. I’ll be positive and relaxed, but the worst that can happen is I get rejected and thats not really a big deal when it comes to it, it’s not like I’m in love with the guy, just his body ha ha ha. But the best that can happen is I get to see him again! Which would be amazing.

But if I had kept him blocked there would have been no chance of me seeing him again. And I would rather regret putting myself out there, than wonder what could have been.

I will keep you fully updated on what happens, fingers crossed I’ll be back with some good news. 😝😏

Wish me luck! Xoxo, Jennie. ❤️

P.S These quotes apply to everything in life, if you want something only you can go out there and get it. Put yourself out there and go after what you want!!!! Don’t ever let yourself regret the chances you didn’t take.


  1. I just was a bit confused because you were talking about Zac Efron! haha ok
    I really like thw quotes, well I like quotes Overall but yeah u know! Hope you will find a god ending to him and u! ❤


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