Magaluf Part 3. 🎉 Paint paint paint🎨

The temperature is hot, hot, hot, I’m eating a Mars ice cream and the sun has been out to play today. I unfortunately have been stuck at work and I don’t half wish I was back in Magaluf right now. That said, it’s about time for Magaluf part 3. Click here for part 1 and here for part 2. I’m excited for this, writing about Maga gives me a chance to relive my holiday. What I’d give for another, seriously. 💭🙇🏻
Sunday nights event was the paint party and I was really looking forward to it, since I had a blast at the paint party in Malia last year.

Before the paint party we went to one of the clubs, either Boomerang or Bananas, I honestly can’t remember which one they’re too similar. It was fun dancing along to the tunes but I really just wanted to get to the paint already. Finally after what seemed like hours, we got to go down to the club which hosts the paint party. It was MAAAD. I thought Malia’s paint party was good, but Magaluf’s was bloody amazing! We lost Chantal in the club so it was just myself, Emily and the two lovely girls we had made friends with – Lucy and Katie. We were right at the front so it got very messy, very quickly. The reps were all up on stage going mental, blasting us all with giant paint cannons and at one point they even got a big broom and started sweeping the paint off the stage and into our faces. It was sooo grim when the paint went in my eye, it was a good thing I brought some tissue with me in my bag to wipe my face with. 😉 Best to be prepared. Although the tissue soon got too soggy so I had to use my tshirt aswell. Not only were we being blasted by paint, but the reps only started crowd surfing. It was amazing, I’ve never actually been in a crowd with someone surfing it and I tell you these people are brave. How they felt safe trusting us to carry them across the crowd when our hands were slipping and sliding from the paint, I don’t know. Oh well, rather them than me and it was very entertaining.

The girls and I left at around half 2 and grabbed some food from Burger King, oooh the chicken fries are too good. Now I want some. 🙊 We went home and cleaned ourselves up, the paint left us so messy. At first I was just going to go straight to sleep but my hair felt so grim I was like nah, I have to wash it. So I’m casually chilling in the bath when Chantal walks in on me. 🤔 Fuck my life, nothing she hasn’t seen before though ha ha ha.

The next day we chilled out and went to Happy’s for our breakfast, yummmmy. 🍳 I spent a lot of my day down at the pool chilling on my ones whilst Emily and Chantal slept, but I went over and spoke to some of the girls I knew from nights out. I joined in with their ball game in the pool, two guys and my rep were also playing so that was cool. Eventually we had enough of pool games, so I went upstairs and saw the girls.

That night we went to one of Magaluf’s biggest night clubs, BCM, where Martin Garrix was DJ’ing. I saw him at EDC and he was really good, so I was looking forward to his set. It cost €60 for a BCM ticket but that included unlimited free drinks. Not that I had €60 worth but hey. It was pretty lit inside and there was a man with a Python which you could hold and take pictures with. A bit random, but exciting all the same. Chantal and I got a picture with the python which was really cool, I don’t think I’ve ever held a snake before. Not in a very very very long time at least, and I was apprehensive at first but it felt alright. I would definitely hold one again if the situation arose. LOL. 🐍


The rest of the night was very average, I couldn’t wait to leave to be honest with you. BCM was rammed, full of people. I kept getting elbowed in the head and pushed around by anyone and everyone. Not pleasant. It was really amazing though, because there were professional dancers all around the club and I just thought that would be the most wonderful job ever, it looked sick. 🎉 I wanna be a dancer in BCM!

Busy as it was, we spent most of our time in the smoking area whilst we waited for Martin Garrix to come on. When he finally arrived we stayed for all of 10 minutes until we decided it was just too busy and even Martin Garrix wasn’t worth the stress.

We went home, crashed out and that was the end of another night out in Magaluf.

And that’s the end of Magaluf part 3! Slightly longer today so if you actually read it all, then thankyou very much.

Part 4 will be up soon, but until then, ADIOSSSS!

Thankyou for reading, lots of love, Jennie. ❤️❤️❤️ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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