EDC Disposables. 📸

Hello everyone. 🌺🌸🌷 On July the 9th of this year I went to the Electric Daisy Carnival, better known as EDC. I have already written a post all about this wonderful day and you can read that here, but today I am going to share a few throwback photo’s from the event which I’ve only just seen.

Emily took a disposable camera with her to EDC and she finally had the pictures developed today, considering taking pictures with a disposable camera can be a complete gamble I actually love how they turned out.

This photo looks like it had the potential to be great if it wasn’t for that finger getting in the way. 🙈
Excited to be at EDC!!! 🙌🏼🎉
I don’t know if this is me attempting to dab or…? Love this picture of me and the girls. ✌🏼️
Cocktail Bar. 🍸🍹
Love this one. Loving life. 💃🏻
This picture is so cute. Emily and I. 👭
Candid Chantal. 📸
Who took this? 😂
SQUAD. ❤️ Why is there no owl emoji? 🔮
Night time vibes. ✨

I just love how these photo’s turned out and I think the fact they are disposable prints make them even more awesome.

They’re not the same I know, but I really would love a polaroid camera! These printed pics look too cool. 📸📸

I hope everyone has enjoyed this post. Thankyou all for reading. ☺️

Love, Jennie. ❤️ xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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