The anti Boyfriend tag. 👫


Hey lovely people, how are you all doing? I can’t believe it’s been 6 days since my last blog post, that’s like a lifetime for me!

Today it’s time for ‘The Anti Boyfriend’ tag which is something I’ve actually had written up since last week but I’ve honestly been so exhausted I just haven’t had the energy to upload it. Today though is the start of 5 days off work for me, so I plan to catch up on sleep, watch lot’s of Pretty Little Liars, work on bettering myself and most importantly BLOG BLOG BLOG, starting with this tag.

The questions to the ‘anti boyf’ tag were really fun to answer and as a singleton I just knew I would enjoy participating in this one.

So without further ado, here are the questions and answers.

1. What is the one (most important) quality you look for in guys? Ooh, I want to be with someone who is ambitious, someone with a good work ethic and big dreams. I want to be with someone who is caring and loving, supportive, kind and funny. Someone who can really make me laugh until I cry! But the most important quality I look for in a guy is adventurous. I want to be with someone on the same wavelength as me, someone who wants to travel, explore and adventure as much as I do. If I’m going to be in a relationship with someone, they have to be up for a life filled with adventure.
2. What quality is a turn off? ARROGANCE and self entitlement. Ooh don’t even get me started, confidence is cute but cockiness is not. 🙅🏻
3. What physical feature do you notice on the opposite sex first? Just the whole face I guess, I’ve never really thought about it. 😂
4. Describe your dream date. Ooh my dream date would be getting picked up in a nice car, taken to the airport and flown to Paris for a day of playing tourists. Go hard or go home right?

5. Who would your celebrity boyfriend be? Joe Hart or Zac Efron. ❤️❤️ But since Joe’s married it will have to be Zac. Caspar Lee is cute too. 😏

6. What is your relationship ‘deal breaker?’ (Something that you might end a relationship because of) I could never ever be in a relationship with someone who disrespected my family, or if a guy started abusing me I definitely would not stick around.
7. What is your relationship ‘deal maker?’ (Something you would like a guy to do in a relationship) Just love me and show me you care. Make me laugh, give me lots of cuddles, surprise me and most importantly play with my hair!!!!!! 💆🏻
8. What eye and hair color do you prefer? Most probably brunette or darker blonde hair and I LOVE brown eyes.
9. He buys you a gift. What would it be? Something thoughtful, I love jewellery and makeup but if he bought me something like ‘The Little Book Of Bloggers’ or ‘Harry Potter Top Trumps’ I would love that because it would show he knows me well and considers my interests ect.
10. Would you say you have a type? If so, what is your type? Errrr I’m not sure, just look at my Celeb Boyf choices, they would be my type. 🙊

Woo that’s all the questions done and dusted, they were really fun to answer. I’m not going to tag anyone in particular to answer these questions, I fear I do so many tags that I overload people with nominations. 🙊😂 So basically if you’re a single pringle and want to answer these questions, then tag you’re it.

Thankyou all for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post and I shall see you again very soon with another.

With lot’s of love, Jennie. ❤️ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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