Morning chats. PLL and the Blair Witch.👻

Morning! It’s currently 10:17 am and I am still relaxing in bed, feeling sleepy but super grateful for the fact I can doze here all day if I so desire. Lucky, lucky me.

Today is day 2/5 of my days off and I’ve got a lot of posts planned out for this week, but this morning I really fancied doing a chatty post because they are always such fun to write and read.

Since I’ve got a few days off I’ve decided to restart The Magic practices. The Magic is a book filled with 27 tasks / practices to do each day to increase your levels of gratitude and change your life positively and quickly. I’m currently on Day 2, but Day 1’s practice is something you carry on throughout the 27 days. As soon as you can in the morning, write down 10 things you are grateful for and the reasons behind why you are grateful. I absolutely love this practice, and going the extra mile and stating why I’m thankful really does make me feel so so good. I would highly reccommend doing this practice and if you would like to know more about The Magic then click here. ✨


I haven’t actually done my gratitude list yet this morning, I’m going to do it right after I post this. I have all the time in the world today. ☺️ I made sure to keep today free as a chill day since yesterday was a busy one for me.

Yesterday I went for ‘coffee’ with my parents. I say ‘coffee’ because I actually got an orange juice. I don’t think I ever will like the taste of coffee, no matter how many people say I’ll grow to like it. If you’re a coffee drinker, let me know in the comments. I’m intrigued to know who likes it.

We went home and my sister and her boyf came over to drop off my brand new PRETTY LITTLE LIARS boxset. Buying this is the best decision I have ever made. I’ve already watched the first 3 episodes of season 1 and of course I plan on watching a lot more today. I have already seen all the episodes before of course, but I really want to rewatch them all. 😉 I love it PLL so much.


Along with Pretty Little Liars, last night I went to the cinema to watch Blair Witch. Beforehand I was dreading it, expecting it to be a really unpleasant, scary film. Oh, how I wish it had been. Blair Witch is the most boring film I’ve seen all year, and I’ve seen a lot. It was filmed ‘vlog’ style, a bit like Paranormal Activity, and to be honest I’m not really a fan of that type of film. I felt like I spent half the movie watching trees and twigs. And as my friend Emily said, the scariest part was when one of the girls cut her foot in the lake. The movie was also very slow paced, it took God knows how long to actually get into anything remotely ‘exciting’. I use the word exciting very loosely, I’ve seen Scooby Doo episodes with more drama and thrills. I’ll be honest, the movie did make me jump a couple of times, and the SFX makeup was very well done – dream job for me right there! But all in all I would have to rate it a measly 4/10. 1 point for the acting, 1 point for the makeup, 2 points for the amount of times I jumped. I hate to score it so low, but Blair just didn’t scare… 😂 Hope you liked that rhyme. 😂


Damn this post got lengthy real fast, I just have so much to talk about. If talking was an Olympic, I sure would win. 🏆

Before I wrap this post up I just want to throw it in there that once again my manager and I were at the top of the tracker for our primer sales last week. Woop woop. 👏🏼 6 weeks in a row now, we really are the dream team. ✨✨

Right, I’m off now to go and write my gratitude list and do a mini workout, maybe watch some PLL. 😏 Congrats to you if you have read all of this, I really appreciate it.

Thankyou for reading, I’ll see you again soon with another post.

With love, Jennie. ❤️ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


    1. Ive seen every episode but really want to rewatch. To be honest, it probably should have ended at season4. Season 5 & 6 weren’t the best, it all got a bit messy. But yes I love it too! Do you think you’ll ever watch s5 and 6?

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      1. Not too sure, damn memes on the internet have kind of told me who A was. I left PLL thinking A was C.C. But then my friend told me that he heard A was Ali’s evil twin? And that the real Ali was the girl in Ali’s backyard that got killed? Lol i was like wtf


      2. Oh yeah you won’t escape the spoilers now 😂 You called it! Cece was revealed as A in the season 6 finale I believe, and the twin thing is in the books! Ali had a twin in the books called Courtney who was actually A, but not the show. Although there may or may not be an Uber A so they may still go the twin route!

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