Food Glorious Food

Right now I’m craving –

•Garlic doughballs




•Specifically Krispy Kreme doughnuts🍩

•Chocolate fingers🍫



•Pasta Pesto Chicken

•Hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream

I’m craving all of the food.

Tomorrow seriously needs to hurry up so I can get to the shops and buy everything on this list. 😛


      1. I’m a very ‘boring’ eater so I’m going to have to say the original glazed 😂😂 I rarely ever give any of the others a chance except the ones with sprinkles! But the chocolate dreamcake sounds really nice… I may have to try it! X

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      2. Haha well even the glazed are great☺ Try the chocolate it is yum! I went to a huge Krispy Kreme store the other week where they make them. The doughnuts were sooo fresh😍 x


      3. Take some piccies of what ones you get😙 It was in Enfield in London. My bf said I’m taking you to a food place as a surprise. And it was a huge Krispy Kreme store. Heaven😂😍 x


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