Too Little, Too Late. 💋

I have butterflies!!! Well not butterflies as such, but my hearts a little jumpy inside. Remember Maga Boy ? Ah, he was quite the dream, but one I got over pretty quickly since you know, I haven’t actually seen him since I’ve been back in the UK.

I thought if we were to meet up after Maga it would happen pretty quickly, with plans to see each other soon after he got home. When that didn’t happen, I wrote him off as a holiday ‘romance’ and that was that.

I haven’t spoken to this boy since the 27th of August, almost one month ago and that conversation was barely worthy of being called a conversation. He asked me a question, I replied. Nothing more was said. Until now…

After archiving our chat so I wouldn’t have to see his face everytime I logged onto whatsapp, Maga Boy has popped back up into my notifs. Ever the charmer, there was no ‘Hello, how have you been?’, instead what I got was a blunt, straight to the point ‘Wanna come out tonight and stay over at mine’? … Erm, no thankyou hun. If he’d asked me this a couple of weeks ago I may have said yes, but 1. My interest in him settled down long ago, and 2. I’m in my PJ’s ready to watch X Factor. I’m not leaving this house for anybody, least not a fboy like him.

Although I’d given up on Maga Boy, I knew I hadn’t heard the last from him. Guy’s seriously have a way of sneaking back into your life right when you’ve moved on, am I right ladies? Not that I needed to move on as such from Maga Boy since it was just a one night thing, but you know what I mean.

I will admit I did get a little excited seeing his message, and I’m not ruling out hooking up with him again. But I’ve lost that real interest in him, a few weeks ago I probably would have gone for it and given up my chilled evening to see him, but now the company of Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh on The X Factor is much more appealing.

Maybe next time Maga Boy but for now, it’s too little too late. 💋 xxxxxxxxxxxx

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