Primers, Performance and Positivity. ✨✨

Hello everyone. I hope you're all having a lovely day today. ☺️ I have had another great day and been very successful at work. Every period each counter individually gets tracked on a certain product to see how many we can sell as consultants, this month we are being tracked on our primer sales. My counter was … Continue reading Primers, Performance and Positivity. ✨✨

‘The Time of Our Lives’ – Jane Costello book review.

After reading Jane Costello's 'Summer Nights at the Moonlight hotel' earlier this year and absolutely loving it, I knew Costello was an author whose work I just had to read more of. I picked up 'The Time of Our Lives' in my local Waterstones and I had very high expectations for this book. 'The Time … Continue reading ‘The Time of Our Lives’ – Jane Costello book review.