My Day In Pictures. 01/10/16 Gifts, treats & lots to eat.🎁🍟

Hello!! How are we all?

Although I share a lot of pictures here on the blog, I’ve never actually done a ‘My Day In Pictures’ style post, so today I thought it would be fun to give it a go and do something I haven’t done before.

I decided to watch ‘The Secret’ this morning for a burst of positivity and inspiration to kick start the month in the best way possible. This movie is so motivating and inspiring, and really gets me feeling all the good vibes.
I took a nice relaxing bath whilst watching the wonderful movie that is ‘The Secret’, using the pretty Monster Ball bath bomb from Lush. This has to be the cutest ‘monster’ I have ever seen, if all monsters were pretty and pink we would have nothing to fear.
Mum went to the gym this morning, so of course she stopped at McDonald’s afterwards to get a coffee. Because she’s an absolute babe she bought me home a cheeseburger happy meal for my lunch. In my attempt to be healthy I opted for an orange juice instead of a fizzy drink, that’s something right?
Proof right here that the Law Of Attraction works. Whilst watching The Secret, I followed the example set to me and imagined receiving lots of cheques in the mail. Well less than an hour later Mum informs me that I’ve had a parcel arrive. It may not be a cheque but what I got was as good as. My parcel was a big box of goodies from the company who are taking over the brand I work for. I received two perfumes, a mascara, a beautiful blusher and more, including a cute little postcard. How exciting!! Thankyou COTY. 🙌🏼🙌🏼
This afternoon my parents and I were supposed to go bowling but upon arrival we found out there were no available lanes until 10am tomorrow morning. 🙃🙃 Excellent. We had to think of a plan B, so we wandered around the casino for about 10 minutes and after winning one whole pound just to lose it again, we decided to head off to the trusty old pub. We had a couple of drinks, Dad and I had a go on the quiz machine, I found 2p on the floor and watched an elderly couple sit on their phones for the duration of my visit. Seriously, what is up with that? Get off faceyb and talk to each other!!! My biggest fear in life is that I will miss out on good memories because I’m too busy snapchatting ect, I don’t want to be that elderly couple scrolling on their phones all night. I want to make memories, interact with others and live life in the moment… I could go on for hours about this, maybe a topic for another post. Anyway, I had a nice evening at the pub with my parents. 💖
I had a go at a Pumpkin inspired makeup look today and I wanted to capture the perfect shot to post on Instagram. It took me a whole hour just to get this and whilst it’s an alright selfie, it doesn’t actually show off my makeup in the way I’d liked it to have done. Hey ho what can you do? I’ll live.
After 100’s of selfie attempts, it was time to relax with a Chinese takeaway and watch The X Factor. I am honestly in shock that Four of Diamonds and Caitlyn Vanbeck didn’t get through. Louis, Simon, lads, what were you thinking? I really wanted Caitlyn to win, hopefully she’ll come back as a wild card.

Wow, what a ramble I have had. Sharing pictures from my day and talking about the story behind the picture has been really fun, I feel like I’ve had a good old chat!!

Did you enjoy this post? Have you been watching The X Factor this year? What’s your fave meal to get from Maccies? Feel free to continue the chat in the comments below, I’d love that very much.

Thankyou thankyou thankyou for reading.

With love, Jennie. ❤️ xxxxxxxxxxxxx

12 thoughts on “My Day In Pictures. 01/10/16 Gifts, treats & lots to eat.🎁🍟

      1. No I just got Monsters Ball and the Sparkly Pumpkin. Some products I didn’t like the smell if. Wish I got the other pumpkin as it’s sold out! But I got 2 monsters balls thank god😉☺ x


      2. Ah I got the non sparkly pumpkin, I never saw the sparkly one! Ooh I never consider the smell too much 😂 Yeah all the Halloween stocks pretty much sold out in my store, time for Christmas! Did you see the Autumn leaf? Omg good thinking I only got one of each!! X

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I did. I wasn’t sure on the smell though. I got the halloween bits last week and by yesterday it was all gone in the Lush’s near me! Mad. Haha yes mine had some but not all the Christmas stuff. I wanted more pumpkin bath bombs though😂 x


      4. Yeah the smell wasn’t the best ever to be honest! It was very strong too!! Thats crazy! They sell out tooo quick! Did they have snow fairy though!? Yeah I wish I got the sparkly one! I bought the sunnyside bubble bar to go with my plain old pumpkin 😂😂 Try that at least its orange lol! X

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel like you and I are the complete opposites haha you always have different answers or opinions to me, I love it!!! But how can you not like McDonalds?? :O Ah are you a vegetarian? Thanks for your comment!!


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