September Reflections 2016. πŸ’–

Hello everyone!!

Today it’s time for one of my favourite styles of posts, my September reflections. I absolutely love looking back on the past month and reflecting on it, and I’m really excited to talk about how my September went.

September was a really good month for me. I felt happy, content and positive throughout.

I had some great times with my friends, from dinners, cinema trips, reunions and more.

The first weekend of September I went on a night out with the girls. Emily, Chantal and Louise came over to mine for pre drinks, we had lots of fun and giggles together playing drinking games and then off we went to Pinks for more drinking and lots of dancing. This was my only night out of the month and I enjoyed it so much, I had a really good time with my friends and it was great to see Louise who I hadn’t seen for a while beforehand.

I also had a lovely little ‘reunion’ with my good friend Hannah. I have been friends with Hannah since school and she is one of the most loyal, caring people I know, she is always here for me when I need her and her friendship is a real blessing. Because she is at Uni, I don’t get to see Hannah as much as I would like to, so it’s really special when we do get to meet up.

Hannah and I went for a classic Cheeky Nandos, with Emily joining us too which was lovely. We had some giggles and lovely chats, Emily and I are off to Amsterdam in a couple of weeks and Hannah went previously this year so she told us all about her trip, she said she was pretty upset that she didn’t get to go to a strip club over there so she’s asked us to go to one for her, haha! We filled each other in on our latest gossip and generally just had a nice time together.

I am really thankful for all the great times I spent with my friends in September. πŸ’–

With my family, I had some great times too. We went to our local mini golf course to celebrate my Dad’s birthday (10 months later) and had lots of fun together playing crazy golf and making memories. Afterwards we went home and my sisters boyfriend joined us for dinner. It was a perfect day. β€οΈβ˜ΊοΈπŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘§

My family and I spent lots of happy times together, going to the pub and having too many laughs. My family make me laugh so much, I always have the best time when I am with them. I adore spending time with my parents, sister and her boyfriend.

In general, I just had such nice times with my family. Even just having dinner at home with my parents, watching the soaps together, watching The X Factor, all those moments have been lovely. Spending time with my family means the world to me.

Work wise things were good. My manager and I were at the top of our tracker for the whole month, we had lots of brilliant sales, got great feedback from our area manager and were just the complete dream team. I built on friendships with colleagues and as much as I love my job, I also enjoyed a relaxing 5 days off which I spent watching Pretty Little Liars.

September was a really good month filled with happiness and love. I felt all the good vibes, and practiced gratitude often which I think added to all the positivity.

I’m excited to see what October has to bring. The first couple of days have been okay, a little emotional yesterday but I have plenty of time left to make this the best month yet.

How was your September? What was the best part of the month for you? What exciting things do you have planned for this month? Let me know in the comments below.

Thankyou all very much for reading. I hope you all have the best October. πŸŽƒπŸŽƒ

With love, Jennie. β€οΈπŸŽƒ xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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