LUSH Ceridwen’s Cauldron bath melt review.


As like most people in this world, I am a huge lushie. Just walking into my local Lush store fills me with excitement as I breathe in all the yummy scents and browse the bath bombs. For me, the fun and exciting bath bombs are my favourite products that Lush have to offer.

Bath melts are something I tend to pay little attention to as I don’t find them the most exciting of products. They’re not something I’d usually buy, however whilst shopping for Lush’s Halloween products I discovered ‘Ceridwen’s Cauldron’ and because of the name, I thought it was included in the collection so decided to give it a go.

On further investigation – aka browsing the Lush website, I realised ‘Ceridwen’s Cauldron’ was not actually part of the Halloween range, oops! But I’m glad I tried it all the same, and to me it’s still Halloweeny as the word ‘Cauldron’ just screams all things spooky!

As I read more about Ceridwen’s Cauldron on Lush’s website I realised I had made another mistake. I’d made a tiny error with how I used the bath melt. Ceridwen’s Cauldron is packaged beautifully, the melt wrapped in an off-white cloth which I believed to be purely for decorational purposes. Before placing the product in my bath I removed the cloth, when in actual fact you are supposed to put the whole thing in the bath, cloth and all, and let the melt seep through, using the cloth afterwards to wash your body.


Despite my slight error I still enjoyed my use of the bath melt. The scent was very ‘Lush’, you know that smell that hits you when you first walk into store, all the products mixed together to create a scent that’s just… Bathy. That was the first scent I noticed with the melt but once in the bath it smelt more like oats and wheats which is very, very yummy. I found the scent to be nice, and very mellow. As I relaxed in the bath the scent wasn’t noticeable or overpowering which I’d say makes sense for the relaxing purpose of the melt.

Ceridwen’s Cauldron has two ‘parts’ to it, a nice and creamy melt with oaty bits surrounding the outside and although not directed to do so, I really enjoyed scrubbing the oaty side over my arms and legs exfoliator style. I’m unsure as to whether this product actually exfoliates the skin but whether it does or not it sure did feel good.

Ceridwen’s Cauldron had my bath water feeling absolutely divine. I’ve clearly been missing out all these years by neglecting to use bath melts, I didn’t realise just how nice they are. My bath water felt noticeably creamier and silkier having used this melt, very nice indeed.

Designed to help with sensitive and dry skin, I made sure to pay attention to the feel of my legs after using this product as they can often feel itchy and irritated, probably due to my lack of moisturising. I didn’t notice any improvements to how my legs felt after my bath, if anything they felt a little irritated however what works for one doesn’t always work for another and vice versa. I know from reading other reviews on this product that many do find this melt helps their skin.

Overall this bath melt didn’t wow me but I would consider purchasing it again. The washcloth which the melt is tucked inside is a really nice touch and makes for a beautiful, more exciting product. The way Ceridwen’s Cauldron left my bathwater feeling so silky and soft, along with the rougher side of the oats to scrub over my body is what would have me purchasing this melt again. I loved the oats!!!

What’s your favourite Lush bath melt? Have you tried Ceridwen’s Caulrdon? Let me know in the comments below.

Thankyou for reading, love Jennie. ❤️


    1. Thankyou! I’d literally never seen it before but yes there’s definitely other more eye catching products! Haha I just thought it was obvious you take the cloth off but apparantly not and I was wrong 😂😂 whats your favourite bath melt? Thanks for your comment hun! Xx

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