Halloween at Thorpe Parks Fright Night. ðŸ‘»ðŸŽ¢


Hello all and a slightly belated happy November! I hope you’re all well and had a spooktacular Halloween. 👻🎃

I had lots of fun celebrating Halloween this year by visiting Thorpe Parks Fright Night with my friends Emily, Chantal and Charlie.

Thorpe Park is a brilliant and exciting theme park located in Chertsey, Surrey and every year throughout the month of October they kick the excitement up a notch and turn the park super spooky and thrilling in celebration of Halloween.

Fright Night has been running for the past 15 years and this was my third ever time visiting at Halloween which personally I think is the best time to go.

We arrived at Thorpe Park at around 1pm as we didn’t want to get there too early, because it was Fright Night we obviously wanted to stick around for when it was dark and if we’d have gone any earlier we’d have gotten too sleepy.

The first ride we went on was ‘Rush‘, a giant swing type ride which is one of my favourites. Known as a thrill ride it doesn’t go upside down but it does swing you really high up into the air back and forth, it’s so much fun.

Our next ride was Colossus, a ten loooped rollercoaster which despite being super exciting leaves you with a slight headache as you’re getting shaked about so much.

We then went on SAW, one of my favourite rollercoasters! This ride is so much fun and is based on the movie SAW which I have never seen. There are super creepy models as you queue and also whilst on the ride, including a mega creepy animated model of the Jigsaw. With lots of drops, loops and high speed I think it’s up there as the best rollercoaster in the park.


By the time we had finished on SAW all the mazes were open so it was time to give SAW The Maze a go. I’d been on this just once in my life and I wasn’t a fan, every time I’ve ever queued for it since I’ve bottled out last minute but this time I faced my fears and braved the maze for a second time. I have to say it wasn’t even that scary, I got jumped out on a couple of times which frightened me a little but nothing major. It was pretty easy to handle as going through I just remembered that the people ‘scaring’ us were just actors and honestly, they have a pretty sick job.

Speaking of cool jobs I have discovered the coolest one going. As we went on the most fun ride ever (the dodgems), we noticed a guy dressed up all spooky and horrifying for Halloween. He was on the dodgems the whole time we queued, whilst we had a go and he stayed on afterwards. It was clearly his job to just stay on the dodgems looking scary in aid of Fright Night. What an absolute dream job.

Along with the dodgems we also went on ‘X‘, a cool indoors rollercoaster with music. Like clubbing rollercoaster style. We also went on ‘The Swarm‘, which was one of my favourite rides of the day being a wing coaster which makes you feel like you are flying. It was especially great because we went on this at night time so it was dark and breezy up in the air.

We only went on one other maze which was ‘The Blair Witch‘ live action maze. I’ve seen The Blair Witch movie and it wasn’t that scary so I wasn’t expecting much from the maze. It was pretty cool as we went on the maze at night so it was pitch black with just a few bright lights to guide us. I got jumped out on a couple of times and was scared a little but it was honestly pretty tame. I almost wish it had been a little scarier but I still enjoyed it and would definitely go on it again.


Although we didn’t go on them apparantly the scariest two mazes were ‘Cabin In The Woods‘ and ‘Big Top’. I assume Cabin in the woods is based around the film but I know for a fact Big Top is focused around clowns which is an absolute no no from me. Even from the outside it looked absolutely awful, there is nothing creepier than clowns so there’s no way you would get me on that maze. I wish I had gone on Cabin In The Woods though for an extra thrill, maybe next year.

Our last ride of the day was another go on Colossus, we wanted to go on Saw but it broke down as we queued so we had to give that a miss, but there will be another time.

Trying to leave the park was a nightmare, we spent far too long at a standstill in the car park as everyone was leaving at the same time. It was okay though because we had music and eventually everyone just kept beeping their horns non stop. It was manic and pretty amusing.

After a long couple of hours, by 1am I was thankfully home and tucked up in my bed. After a long and exciting day I was so happy to hit the hay.

I had an amazing day at Thorpe Park with my friends. We had so much fun and I am so happy that I actually braved the mazes and faced my fears as such, it was brilliant. I had such a good, happy, fun time with my friends at Thorpe Parks Fright Night and I look forward to going back next year.

How did you spend your Halloween? Have you ever been to Thorpe Park? Please let me know in the comments.

Thankyou for reading, with love, Jennie. ❤️ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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