Hello beautiful people.

I am so very excited today as I am posting for the first time ever from my brand new laptop, which I treated myself to on Black Friday. A pretty blue HP laptop, I am so happy with my purchase.

Since the beginning of this year I have been blogging from my little iPhone 6 which has proved very difficult indeed. It started off okay but as the months wore on it became impossible to publish a post.

I always write up my posts on the note section of my phone to make sure I have it saved, and every time I came to publish that post here on wordpress, the page would suddenly ‘experience problems’ and be refreshed. This would happen continuously every time I tried to publish to the point where last week I spent 3 whole hours trying to publish one single blog post. As you can imagine, this was crazy & infuriating!!!

After that incident, I knew it was time for me to invest in a laptop and thankfully a delightful little tax rebate meant I was able to treat myself immediately. Hurray!!

Now I am so excited to be here blogging from my shiny new laptop!! Blogging is about to become so much easier for me and I’m really excited to be able to focus on writing my posts and getting them up when I intend to.

So before I ramble on any longer, I’m off to plan some posts for next month and watch a mad episode of Catfish where a guy seriously thinks he’s in an online relationship with Katy Perry… Ok then.

See you soon with some new posts,

love, Jennie.





      1. I bought a new laptop and then out of the blue the hard drive clears itself so I have to get that sorted. 😭😭 thank goodness, I have a phone I guess! Xx


  1. Theres no better feeling then having a fresh brand new laptop! How awesome! Also, kudos to you for always blogging from your iphone! Say what?! I can barely comment through my iphone let alone write out a whole post….you go girl!!

    xo, JJ


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