November Reflections.

Pinch, punch, second day of the month!!
It’s December!! Which means one thing, it’s officially Christmas and I hope you’re all as excited as I am? It’s the season of feel good films, parties, presents, delicious food and most importantly family time.
But first of all, it’s time for my November Reflections. Can you believe how organised I am right now, usually it takes me a fortnight to get the past months reflections up here on the blog but this time it’s taken me just two days. I guess it’s all thanks to my brand new laptop. Hurray. 🙂
Compared to the crazy month that was October, November was much more chilled for me, which was definitely needed.
I moved into my new house with my parents and have really been enjoying spending time at home. I’m appreciating chilling indoors with my Mum and Dad, relaxing and watching much loved Autumn/Winter shows including The X Factor and I’m A Celebrity. I look forward to these shows every year and it feels so good to be able to stay home with my family and watch them each night.
Although we’ve enjoyed staying in, my family and I weren’t complete homebodies last month. My Dads birthday is on the 15th November so to celebrate myself, my parents, my sister and her boyfriend all went out for a lovely dinner at a local Indian restaurant. I’m not the greatest fan of Indian food, although I’d never say no to naan bread, but I know my Dad loves it and as it was his birthday of course he deserves to go where he wishes to go. We had a lovely time at dinner and everyone was in good spirits. My Dad was so happy and thankful to spend the evening with us and very grateful for all of his gifts. It was wonderful to see my Dad so happy and appreciative and I am pleased he had such a good birthday.
November was also a great month for friendship. Every year for the first week of November the funfair arrives at one of my local parks so of course Emily, Chantal and I had to go. Our first visit was a rocky one as the rides just made the three of us feel poorly, they were clearly too wild for us. To be fair (pun intended), I go on and on about going to the fair every year but once I find myself on a ride I question why I thought it was a good idea.
Despite feeling sick the first time we visited, Emily, Chantal and I visited the fair again on Sunday the 6th to watch the fireworks. This time we were joined by our friends Daisy and Holly, and before the fireworks started we all went for dinner at Frankie and Benny’s which was so lovely. I love going to see the fireworks, they are so beautiful and magical and I felt so happy to be with my lovely friends watching the display and having such a fun time. This was a great evening.

Workwise I also had an excellent month. I had to visit Birmingham all by myself for my company’s Christmas Conference and I am so proud of myself for making it there! I have never before gotten a train on my own, and I didn’t know anyone who was going to be there other than my area manager and trainer, so to attend was quite an achievement for me. Luckily everyone who went to the conference was so lovely and I even made a friend there whose number I have taken, so next time there’s a conference we can message each other beforehand and meet up at the train station.

I was also surprised at work when my lovely area manager brought me in a giant Millie’s Cookie decorated with the words ‘You’re Epic’, because I was the only one from the area to complete a bingo sheet we had been set. I was so thankful to receive this cookie, it was such a thoughtful gesture from my area manager, she really is lovely and I’m lucky to work with such great people.
Last month saw the retirement of my account manager and it’s a shame to see her go as she was such a joy to work with, always bubbly, supportive and funny. This did however call for leaving drinks, always a good thing to come out of someone leaving. On my managers last day a few of us from work went out for a couple of cheeky drinks and we had a lovely evening together. I really enjoyed spending some time with these ladies and I wish my manager all the best in her retirement!
All in all November was a good, positive month. Very laidback and chilled, filled with good vibes and happiness.
I’m now looking forward to seeing what December brings, I believe it’s going to be a month even better than the last and I’m positive all good things are going to happen. After all it is the month of Christmas, so happiness is to be expected.
How was your November? What are your hopes for December? Let me know in the comments below.
As always thank you for reading, may you all have a blessed December.
Lot’s of love,


  1. I’m glad that you had a good November! Mine was super stressful because of school and the next couple of weeks will be too, but then the second half of the month should be better since I’ll be on winter break. I’m really excited for Christmas too – it’s my absolute favorite holiday. I hope you have a great month! ❤


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