Social Media Thoughts.


I was doing just fine before I met you, I drink too much and that’s an issue but I’m okay.

Nah just kidding, this isn’t a Chainsmokers sing along post, but it should be. The Chainsmokers are babes.

Look at them huns.


I thought I’d do a spontaneous little diary style post tonight, as sometimes they can turn out to be the best of them all.

I’ve become a bit obsessed with blogging since I got my laptop, it’s so easy to just sit and type up a post, edit it to perfection (or close as) and publish it as soon as it’s done. It’s bliss! Thank God I was able to purchase this wonderful new laptop which enables me to blog with ease.

Having said that, I’m being careful to balance blogging life with the real world. I’m not a fan of the whole spending your life glued to a screen type of thing, and this is something I’ve wanted to talk about for a while.

Social media is a blessing and I feel so happy to live in a world where things like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and of course WORDPRESS exist. I love social media. But sometimes it’s too much.

When I watch some people’s vlogs, or even snapchats, I think wow. That looks amazing, jet skiing, skydiving, Ferrari driving. But wouldn’t it be more amazing with the camera turned off?

I’d rather live in the moment, maybe take a couple of pictures and then get on with having real life in the moment fun.

I watch some people’s vlogs where they’re on a banana boat in the South Of France but they’re just talking to a camera about how amazing it is. That to me isn’t amazing. I would rather just enjoy the banana boat ride (despite getting sea water in my mouth), I wanna throw my hands in the air, feel joyful and free without thinking about the camera that’s in my hand.

When I look back on my life I want to remember a life truly lived, not a life lived through a lens.

I’ve been to concerts where I’ve just seen people with their phones in their hands, snapchatting the whole thing and rather than watching the performers, they’re just looking at their phone screen. Why? You spent all of that money on a concert ticket to watch it through your snapchat? Might as well have stayed at home and watched it on youtube!

I know of someone who missed their child’s first steps because they were too busy sat scrolling through Facebook… Now in fairness maybe she’d been playing with her little one all day and the one moment she checked Facebook was the one time she wished she hadn’t, but still these things happen.

I’ve seen friends on Facebook uploading around 100 vacation photo’s a day whilst they’re still on holiday. Who has the time? Why don’t you just enjoy your holiday and upload your pictures when you’re home?

Sometimes I watch someone snapchat story and they’ve virtually filmed their whole day. How are you really living when you’re too busy pouting for snap?

Each to their own and I’m not judging anyone, live your life how you want to and whether you take 1000 pictures a day or just 1 picture a day, as long as you are happy that’s all that matters in this life but personally for me I’d rather just live in the moment and focus on making memories with my heart.

For me it’s all about the balance.

I will always love a cheeky Instagram, and I love getting the perfect picture for my feed and raking in those likes. But when I’m cycling through Prague, bowling with the family, watching J Bieb’s live in concert, I wanna live that for real.


These are just my thoughts on the subject, and whether you’re a Selfie Queen, Camera Shy or somewhere in between, I’d love to know what your opinions are on social media/ snapchatting / vlogging so be sure to drop me a comment down below.

Thank you all very much for reading,

much love,




  1. This is so true. I have friends who are busy taking selfies amd uploading them all the time when we meet and we hardly meet. I completely agree with your point of living in the moment. Pictures are important but we need to know when to stop


    1. Ah thanks so much for your comment! It’s so nice to hear you agree. It’s too much when you go out with someone and all they are doing is snapchatting/ taking pics like you said!! Talk to each other lol!! Exactly, it’s nice to take some pictures to look back on in the future but it’s more important to actually be with your loved ones and listen to them / spend real time with them. 🙂

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  2. Ah this is all so very valid, and I’m for sure guilty of it here and there. But I’m definitely not one to be filming while riding a banana boat…shouldn’t they be holding on?!?! I sense that for a lot of people it’s like a bragging type of thing which yes its cool to share what youre doing but some people REALLY do go overboard. I loathe watching a snap story and its one after another of an entire concert!! Like okay, film the first 10 seconds of it but thats enough….no need to show us the ENTIRE concert. THAT blows my mind and gets under my skin lol I honestly find it exhausting going through all my social media feeds its literally so time consuming. I just lurk a select few people and then I’m over it lol

    xo, JJ

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    1. Ah it’s so good to hear your opinion on the subject 🙂 I know, she had one hand holding on and one hand holding the camera, madness. I was just watching like that looks too much fun why would you wanna be filming it?? Why don’t you just let go and enjoy the moment?? Exactly!! It’s definitely sometimes a case of people wanting to show everyone how awesome their life is which I get of course but honestly is it really worth it in the end?? YES!! It’s the concerts that get me too! Like some people really do film every song I’m like when on Earth did you have time to actually enjoy the performance, dance around and watch the singer?? Yes, maybe film one or two songs but every single one is too much!! I agree lol I always just tap tap tap on my snapchat to skip the story!! Haha good idea. Thanks for your comment hun 🙂 xx

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