All I Want For Christmas.

All I want for Christmas is…

⦁ A Ted Baker handbag

⦁ A Burberry handbag

⦁ Burberry ankle boots

⦁ A holiday to Italy

⦁ Tickets to see School Of Rock at the West End

⦁ A trip to Amsterdam

⦁ A teddy bear

⦁ Snow Fairy shower gel (the BIG bottle)

⦁ Anything from Lush

⦁ Zac Efron

⦁ Zac Efron

⦁ Zac Efron

⦁ Oh and did I mention Zac Efron?

Not a lot then,


    1. Haha no not at all, I think I’ve gone pretty easy on the list this year LOL! Ah really? Tbf I find the mid size lasts me quite a while so I’m sure the big size is enough to get you through the year until next Christmas. Need it desperately haha xx

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  1. Trips to Italy and Amsterdam are my types of gifts 😉 Wishing you get Zac Effron and everything else on the list lol

    xo, JJ


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