A Very Festive Weekend. – Part Two.

*For Part One, please click here.*

Sunday was quite literally a day of rest for me, as I spent the morning and afternoon recovering from the night before. I lazed in bed, watched TV and ate super noodles. The perfect lazy day.

Late afternoon my Nan and sister came over for a chat and I spent the early evening stressing over wrapping my Secret Santa presents. Next year I am hiring someone to wrap my presents for me, those rolls of wrapping paper are too much.

Presents wrapped and cards written, I was ready to head to my best friends house for pre drinks with the girls, before heading to our favourite nightclub – Pinks.

Whilst at Emily’s we played shot pong, or should I say, we attempted to play shot pong. Basically beer pong but with shots, it was impossible to get the ball in the glass, in the end we gave up and just downed the shots one after the other. That’s the best way to do it though right?


Drinks flowing and feeling merry, it was time for us to exchange our Secret Santa pressies. Exciting!! Emily opened her presents first, which were from me, then it was my turn. Although it was supposed to be Secret Santa, I already knew Emily had bought for me, she hadn’t told me or anything but I just knew. Emily bought me some amazing presents, really thoughtful and generous and I am going to be doing a haul post all about them this week so stay tuned for that!


Next it was Daisy’s turn to open her presents, Chantal had bought her some very funny gifts including an inflatable boyfriend and a ‘grow your own weed’ set. Ha ha, brilliant.


Last up was Chantal, who had Daisy as her Santa. Daisy bought Chantal a hangover kit, which should come in very useful for Chantal and I may just have to borrow it myself ha ha.

I think we all received some great presents this year and I am so thankful for the thoughtful and wonderful gifts Emily bought me. Thank you Emily.


Around 10pm the girls and I got a taxi to Pinks thinking it was so early we would miss the queue, so you can imagine we were surprised when we arrived to find there was already a pretty long queue. To be fair it went pretty quickly, I think we were only waiting for about 15 minutes so that’s much better than the 3 hours I waited last year at Halloween – never again.

Inside the club it was rammo jammo (my words for busy, if you weren’t sure), Pinks is always busy the week before Christmas but this was mad. Like I didn’t even feel tipsy at any point throughout the night because I barely drunk anything the queues were so long. Kinda good for my liver though I guess, lol.

We managed to find some space to dance and have fun and we spent a good amount of time in each room, thinking about it now I can’t remember many of the songs we danced too, oooh except I do remember them playing ‘Baby‘ by Justin Bieber. YES! Also the house room was pretty on point, we spent ages in there. They played two of my favourite songs – ‘Feed ‘Em To The Lions‘ and ‘Will Griggs On Fire‘, love them too much!! ‘Will Griggs On Fire‘ just reminds me of Magaluf, and ‘Feed ‘Em‘ is the song which reminds me of Malia!

The house room was so crazy on Sunday, usually the whole room vibrates but this was on a whole other level. It was actually giving me a headache and I could feel my whole body vibrating because of the music. Mad.


Around 2am, the girls and I were all danced out so we headed to my favourite room in Pinks – the Diner and we ordered all the food. Obviously I got my favourite cheesy chips, they are literally the best thing about Pinks. No one makes cheesy chips like Pinks. Ah, thinking about them now I’m craving them so much!!

Once we finished our food we went back to Emily’s house to stay the night as we were all going to go for breakfast together the next morning, yay! Chantal and I had to sleep on the floor and apparently I kept hogging the duvet throughout the night, oops sorry Chantal. Bless her, Chantal is too cute.

Monday morning we decided to go back to the carvery for breakfast as Chantal had been before and recommended it. It was a great decision to go to the carvery for breakfast as it was amazing. All you can eat for just under £5 and they weren’t lying. You could go back up to the buffet as many times as you wanted. I had scrambled eggs on toast which was delicious, two Yorkshire puddings which of course were amazing and can I just say, yassss Yorkshire Pud’s for breakfast. #Breakfast goals. I also had bacon and sausages, the sausages were great too and normally I’m quite fussy with sausages so I’m impressed. I will 100% be heading back to the carvery for breakfast, I wish I could go tomorrow.

Whilst at breakfast we got cute and Christmassy and pulled some crackers which was fun! It was like a little Christmas breakfast with my fave gals and I had such a good time with them. We had great conversations, loads of giggles, and it was generally just good vibes all round. I’m so blessed to have such a great friendship group, I love Emily, Chantal and Daisy lots!

These girls, love them!


Then after a lovely breakfast with the girls, it was time to go home. Thankfully my Dad picked me up so I didn’t have to spend money on a taxi, woop woop!

I spent the rest of my Monday lounging about in bed watching Hannah Montana, feeling thankful for the wonderful people in my life.

I had such a great Christmassy weekend with the best people, now I’m really looking forward to Christmas with my family and New Years Eve with the girls.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend too, what did you get up to? Did you do anything festive? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading,

love Jennie.


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  1. You’re just like me, I take all my pictures from snap lol 3 hour wait on halloween JEEZE!!! 15 minutes definitely sounds so much better lol this post is making me want to go out clubbing so baddd! too bad all my friends are like newlywed or have newborn babys LOL which i mean is great for them but ah i need more girlfriends ha yours sound like a total blast though!!

    xo, JJ


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