What I Got For My 22nd Birthday.

Hey guys!
If you caught my latest post you will know that I recently celebrated my 22nd birthday *cue Taylor Swift’s 22 getting stuck in your head, sorry not sorry*.
With birthdays come presents and this year I was lucky enough to receive some wonderful gifts from my friends and family.
Starting off with the first presents I received, gifts from my bestest friends Emily and Chantal. Now I would say its a present in itself that they both took a days holiday off work to celebrate and spend time with me (that goes to my beautiful friend Daisy also), but being the best friends they are they went the extra mile and bought me some amazing gifts too which I am so thankful for.
First off I opened a lovely little Soap & Glory body wash set including the delicious HAND FOOD hand cream. I absolutely love Soap and Glory so I was absolutely thrilled to receive this gift, especially as I haven’t treated myself to any S&G bits in a loooong time.
I received a typical Ann Summers gift, this time being a pack of ‘Hot Hunks’ playing cards. Absolutely amazing if you ask me, but I don’t think I’d be able to keep a poker face whilst playing with these. Ha ha ha.
One of the best gifts the girls bought me is this beautiful Pandora charm:
Seriously how lucky am I? This crown charm is one I have wanted for absolutely ages but just haven’t got around to actually buying so I am so thankful the girls bought this for me. This is a really thoughtful gift which means a lot to me as now I have charms from all my most favourite people (barr my brother, not that he needs to get me one I just gotta make sure he knows he’s one of ma faves).
Next up from the girls is THIS:
GIANT SIMBA!! Emily actually has one of these herself and whenever I go to hers I always take selfies with Simba and wish I had one, now I do! Giant Simba is the best gift ever, I love love love it.
The girls also bought me a little One Direction goodie bag, #directionerforlife.
The girls bought me some really amazing and thoughtful gifts which I am so thankful for. Thank you Emily and Chantal!!!
My besties.
Now onto the pressies I got from my famalam.
Okay so the main thing is my parents, sister and I are all going to go and see the School Of Rock at the West End, the tickets being my main gift! However we haven’t actually booked the tickets yet, so I received some little pressies from my Mum and Dad to open on my actual bday. My sister got me a little bag of goodies such as Kopparberg, Maltesers etc. as a token gift which I thought was sweet, she got me my first Easter egg of the year and I’m currently sat devouring the Maltesers as I type.
From my parents I received two Chamilia charms for my bracelet.

They got me a gorgeous little makeup charm which I love so much as makeup is a huge part of my life, I definitely needed a charm to represent one of my passions.
The second charm I got is actually a safety lock which is something I’ve wanted for a little while now, only the other week I was with my mum in Pandora saying I was thinking of getting one! It’s so cute that my Mum listened to me and got me one for my birthday, I love it.

I received some dollars as I am going to Florida this year, a Harry Potter character book, money from my Grandparents, a photo frame from my Nan and a Body Shop gift set from my Aunt and Uncle.

I was well and truly spoilt!!!!

I am so thankful for the wonderful gifts I received for my birthday, mostly because they’re all so thoughtful.
I got everything I could ask for.
I hope you all enjoyed this blog post and seeing what I got for my 22nd birthday,
thank you for reading.
Lot’s of love,


  1. For sure a lucky lucky girl!!! That deck of cards your friend got you are hilarious!! I need that HP character vault how cool!!! I can’t remember if you mentioned it in past posts but when are you doing to Florida? Orlando, for Disney?!

    xo, JJ


    1. Thankyou hun! Hahaha I know right, I can’t wait to use them 😂😂😂 I know its really awesome my Dad picked it out for me 🙂 oh no I haven’t mentioned it before- I am going yes to Disneyworld!!!! 😀 I am so excited xxx

      Liked by 1 person

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