A Little Lush Hamper.


Anyone who knows me will know I just love Lush. If there’s one place you can be sure to find me, it’s in my local Lush store. I’m addicted, but who can blame me? Lush products are incredible.

Knowing how much I love Lush, for Christmas my parents bought me the sweetest and most thoughtful gift. They made me up my very own Lush hamper, filled with a variety of goodies from bath bombs to bubble bars to hair treatments! Each product they picked was so filled with thought too, which you’ll find out more about once I get further into the post.

With that said, I’m just going to jump right in and tell you all about the wonderful products featuring in my own personalised Lush hamper. Yay!

Snow Fairy Shower Gel 1KG

16343765_1193449450750261_1482394603_nBefore Christmas I had been nagging my Mum for a good couple of months to buy me this, as Snow Fairy is the absolute dream and with it only being available during the Christmas period, it’s an absolute necessity of a present. To get the 1KG bottle is a real treat as it’s the biggest Lush do and should last me well throughout 2017, meaning I get my Snow Fairy fix every day.

Snow Fairy Body Conditioner

Continuing with the Snow Fairy theme, I was also treated to the Snow Fairy body conditioner. I absolutely love a body conditioner, they are so much easier to use and less time consuming than a moisturiser as they can be used whilst still in the shower, perfect. Also, what better body conditioner to have than a Snow Fairy scented one? Literally, I’m a sweet candyfloss dream this year.

H’SUAN WEN HUA Hair Treatment

Okay I’m not entirely sure about the name of this product… How do I pronounce it? What does it mean? The answers are beyond me but regardless, this is a brand new Lush product for me. I have never used any Lush hair treatments before so I was really excited to receive this, however I have come to the conclusion I am not the biggest fan. I really wanted to love this product but the scent just puts me off, it’s so overbearing (I can’t describe the scent very well but I’ve seen some say it smells spicy and like cinnamon). I’ve used this hair mask twice since receiving it and I’m not giving up with using it as my parents bought it for me, but I wish it smelt a little nicer.

Sunnyside Bubble Bar

16344195_1193449487416924_500490289_n.jpgThis is a product which I have used before and I absolutely love it. Sunnyside is such a pretty, glittery bar which creates all the bubbles. Sunnyside is definitely up there as one of my favourite bubble bars, it creates so many bubbles and makes me feel all warm inside. I have already used this since receiving it so I kinda need to get myself back to Lush and treat myself to a new one ASAP.

Northern Lights Bath Bomb

16344286_1193449694083570_2114779527_nYes Northern Lights! One of the first products I tried from Lush about two years ago, I really do love how pretty and magical this bath bomb is. My Mum chose this one for me because I always go on about how much I want to go to Iceland, where you can see the Northern Lights, so it’s a very thoughtful gift. I am so happy this bath bomb was a part of my hamper and I can’t wait to use it.

Lava Lamp Bath Bomb

16343568_1193449657416907_2139060466_nHow exciting, Lava Lamp is a bath bomb I have never used before. Mum said she chose this one out for me because she thought it sounded interesting and a fun bath bomb to blog about, how cute! I am so excited to use this as like I said its a brand new product for me and a pretty funky one too so right up my street.

The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar


Eek, I was so excited to find this bubble bar in my hamper as I’d always seen it in store but never actually picked one up. Now I know what I’ve been missing out on, I used The Christmas Penguin for the first time today and I’m in love. This is the most perfect, cosy little bubble bar and I wish it was December already so I could get me another one!

The Rough With The Smooth Body Scrub

16237526_1193449617416911_521432903_nAnother product I’ve never used before, how exciting. I’m really looking forward to using this body scrub which is designed to exfoliate and reveal softer skin. This is the perfect product for me as I love to exfoliate! I also think this will be the perfect product to use alongside my Snow Fairy body conditioner for super dreamy skin.

I received so many amazing products in my Lush hamper, my Mum and Dad did so good!

All the products I received are either ones I absolutely love already, or exciting new products which are brand new to me.

Have you ever used any of these Lush products? Which ones do you love the most? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you for reading,





  1. Ah your parents are the best!!! They clearly know you well, I mean a whole hamper full of lush products, idk whats better than that! I’m obsessed with Sunnyside….the gold and bubbles! YES PLEASE! That’s gonna be a fun one! Hows the body conditioners, I haven’t used those before…

    xo, JJ


    1. They are!! 🙊 I know right, I was so happy when my Mum gave it to me mostly because I just thought awh how sweet! Yes, Sunnyside is the best! ☀️ have you used it before?? Ooh the body conditioner is hard to describe, like I absolutely love it but it’s got a strange sort of feel to it like not so creamy and soft as you’d think once applying but obviously once it’s on it makes your skin soooo soft! I’m saving it now though for special occasions because I’m getting through it quite rapidly 😂 Xx

      Liked by 1 person

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