January In Instagrams.

Oh… It’s that time again already? Yep!! My January in Instagrams is here and even if I do say so myself, my Insta was pretttttty lit last month. Mostly filled with photo’s of Lush products, I’m looking forward to sharing here with you some of my highlights from my Instagram last month!

Let’s go…

My first insta of January (and of 2017), a photo of me and my bestie seeing in the new year.
A photo of me feeding the ducks in Chippenham. I love feeding the ducks, it’s one of my favourite things to do. I really like this photo because I think the birds, the trees and the river look so pretty.
Oh my goodness, the So White bath bomb. A new favourite of mine, I just had to share my love for it over on insta.
A little throwback photo! The caption says it all, we are going to FLORIDA!
Just me and my beautiful besties, this photo was taken on my birthday night out. I love this photo and I love these girls even more!
Probably my most liked photo of the month, with 50 likes I guess this quote must be quite a popular one!
I love this photo of gorgeous Simba. Literally he’s cute and I love him.
Sunnyside!!! I love love love this bubble bar, it’s one of my favourites and this picture is cute too.
LAVA LAMP! I uploaded this photo to insta as a bit of blog promo and I actually haven’t used this product yet! I’m looking forward to trying it out very soon.
Hellooo London. Love this cute photo of Emily, Daisy and I. We look so happy!
The besties and I on the London Eye! This was my first time ever on the London Eye and I loved it, I got to see the most wonderful views of London including Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and The Shard. The view of the Thames from the Eye was so beautiful too!


And my last insta of January… just me enjoying the views of London from the Eye. Such a wonderful experience I would definitely do again. Photo credit goes to Emily for this one.

And that’s a wrap!

I hope you enjoyed this post, what’s your favourite photo I shared? Let me know in the comments!

As always thank you for reading and here’s wishing everyone a fabulous February!

Lot’s of love,



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  1. Aaw what a lovely month. A lot of variety in your photos and lots of lovely bath bombs☺ Glad you had a fun time in London, on the London Eye etc😊 Florida will be amazing I’m sure. Are you going with friends? Xx


    1. Thanks hun! It was! Yeah I feel like I uploaded so many different pics last month 😀 london was amazing! Have you been on the eye? I know I’m so excited, yes I’m going with a friend!! Have you been before? Xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes my family used to go on the London Eye a couple of times a year, so I’ve done it quite a lot and a few times with my partner. No not yet. My boyfriend wants to go though☺ So maybe next year x


      2. It is. I love the Shard for the views too😊 I think we’d go for Disney but try to do as much as possible like the other attractions too. How about you? ☺ xx


      3. I still haven’t been there but it sounds so amazing, definitely on my list! Yeah of course, we are going to Disney World / Universal and Discovery Cove! We will probably go shopping for a day or two but it will mostly be Disney! Try to cram as much as possible in, Harry Potter World looks incredible 😍 Xx

        Liked by 1 person

      4. It looks amazing! I still want to go to the Tower Of London too after your post all about it. Yeah for sure, I’m going for two weeks thankfully, It will be an amazing two weeks! How long would you go for? Xx

        Liked by 1 person

  2. The London Eye must be soooo cool! Ugh, totally jelly. I’ve only ever done the one in downtown Disney in Orlando, FL….which I guess is cool but, London I’m sure is more scenic. Love your insta pictures, per usual- you’re such a good follow 🙂

    xo, JJ


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