London In Pictures.

Hey guys!

As you may know from a couple of my recent posts, last week I took a day trip to London with two of my best friends – Emily & Daisy.

We had a fantastic time together doing all the touristy things, so today I thought I would share my pictures from the day with everyone here in the blogosphere.

Our first stop of the day was Buckingham Palace, home of Queenie! I love visiting Buckingham Palace and seeing the guards do their thing. There’s something about this place which has me in awe, look how huge it is!!
We then walked from the Palace over to Big Ben and of course took some typical touristy photographs.
Hello Big Ben!


Emily and I being posers in front of Big Ben.



The girls and I enjoying the London Eye experience. My friends are beaut!!
Views from the London Eye. I spy Big Ben!
Admiring the beautiful views of London. From the Eye I could see for miles, the river Thames looked so beautiful, we saw the Shard, Big Ben and we could even spot Buckingham Palace which in my opinion I thought looked really small from the Eye! London looked like a toy town!
Cute picture in front of the Thames.


And so the last picture of the day, posing outside of Burberry with my shopping because you know I’m cool like that. What can I say ha ha ha!?

So many pics, so many good memories. I had such a great day in London with my girls and I can’t wait to go back.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and enjoyed seeing my pictures from London!

Thank you for reading.





  1. YAY for finally sharing your London trip 🙂 You guys are such a good trio, you remind me of my friends and me too! I’ve always wanted to see the guards are Buckingham Palace, if they really are as stern as they show in the movies! Are they? LOL I can only imagine the beautiful views from the London eye, I love anything at an aerial view. Makes me want to visit London that much more!!!

    xo, JJ


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