LUSH LOVESTRUCK Bubble Bar Review.

Fun, cute, quirky.


Part of Lush Cosmetics Valentine’s Day collection, when I first saw ‘Lovestruck‘ I knew I had to have it. With it’s cute little heart eyes and a big ol’ grin, I almost felt bad as I held it under the running tap watching slowly as it’s smile faded away…
But it had to be done.


It didn’t take long for this bubble bar to work it’s magic and create a healthy amount of bubbles, personally as a major bubble lover I would have preferred a little more, but there were enough for your standard bath.

What struck me as one of the best things about this bubble bar was the scent, sweet and citrusy with hints of lemon it lasted all throughout the duration of my bath without being overbearing. A real plus in my (heart)eyes.

Love struck turns the bath water a yellow shade with a slight hint of red, to match the appearance of the heart eye emoji. Although personally I wasn’t overly wowed by the shades this product turned my bathwater, it wouldn’t stop me from purchasing it again and I think they suit the theme of the product to a T.

Overall I liked this bubble bar and I would definitely buy it again because it’s just so cute and every time I look at that adorable emoji face I can’t help but fall in love.

A playful little bubble bar, this is the perfect product for any avid emoji user (ahem, me) and if you’re looking for a fun and unique product to try out (or perhaps gift this Valentines day) Love Struck is the perfect bubble bar for you.

LOVESTRUCK is priced at £4.25 and can be found in store or on the LUSH website.

Have you used LOVESTRUCK before? What’s your favourite product from Lush’s Valentine’s Day collection? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you for reading,





      1. Over and Over smells so good. I think I bought one too. I can’t remrmber😂 It is so cute! I got my family bath bombs for vday too. Haha they are all Lush xc


      2. I feel like I should get one! You have so many Lush products!! Yeah it is I wish I’d got one now, hopefully there will still be some left this week. Aw that’s so cute of you, they are the perfect Vday gift! They are x

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yes defo try one before they go!😊 Lol I do. I’ve amassed a huge collection. We always buy each other gifts. My brother’s been saving his pocket money to get me and my mum something😊 x


  1. I was gonna say, I was smiling so big just looking at the lush bomb it really is so adorable! I’d like have to buy one for the bath and one for decoration lolol

    xo, JJ


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