50 Shades Darker – My Thoughts On The Movie.


After a long two years, 50 Shades Darker is officially out at the cinema and last night the girls and I took a trip to the movies to see it.


Let me just say, the wait was worth it.

50 Shades Darker was amazing and in my opinion, it was so much better than the first film in the trilogy.

Action packed, fast paced and with the perfect mix of romance, sex and drama, there wasn’t a dull moment during this film and I was hooked from start to finish.

It’s been a good few years since I read 50 Shades Darker and whilst the story wasn’t fresh in my mind, there were bits and bobs of the plot that I remembered and I felt excited every time something happened which prompted my memory, I would think ‘oh my goodness, I remember this from the books’ or ‘yes, I know what’s going to happen next and I can’t wait’.

In my opinion I found the plot of the movie highly entertaining and as expected there were many graphic sex scenes (I wouldn’t necessarily recommend watching this one with your parents guys), but there was also so much more to the story than just sex.

The film gave us a deeper insight to Christian’s life and why he is how he is, why he likes the dom/sub lifestyle and why he likes to have control. We meet the character ‘Mrs Robinson’/Elena, the woman who first introduced Christian to the BDSM lifestyle. She proves to be against Christian’s relationship with Ana and the two women become somewhat enemies as Elena attempts to tell Ana to stay away from Christian.

Here’s to you Mrs Robinson. Photo: Yahoo

We learn more about Christian’s past which includes him opening up to Ana about his birth mother being a drug addict and overdosing when he was a child. The scenes where Christian confides in Ana about his life and emotions were some of my favourite in the film and made me feel all the feels, I thought they were very sweet and well done and showed a more sensitive side of someone who you may assume to be a very heartless man, played brilliantly by Jamie Dornan.

Onto the more dramatic side of the film, we had Christian’s stalker ex Leila who genuinely had me creeped out especially when Ana found her lurking in her apartment with a gun. I knew it was coming but when Leila fired a shot past Ana I literally jumped out of my seat. She definitely added the thrill factor to the movie.

Christian’s ex, Leila. Photo: Daily Mail

And if that wasn’t enough we have Ana’s seedy boss Jack Hyde who is an absolute creep. Jack appears to have a ‘romantic’ interest in Ana and when she rejects his advances he is furious and Christian, rightfully so, gets him fired. Leading to an angry and revengeful Mr. Hyde, a story perfectly set up for the next film in the series (as noted at the end of Darker, where we see Jack looking across at a happy Ana and Christian with anger and darkness in his eyes).

On a lighter note, I really enjoyed Rita Ora’s appearances in the film. Rita played the character of Christian’s sister Mia. Mia played a larger role in this film than she did in Shades Of Grey and I felt she was a breath of fresh air. I especially enjoyed the scenes between her and Ana as it was lovely to see Ana interact with people other than Christian and her work colleagues.

One of the best things about 50 Shades Darker was how beautifully edited it was and the beautiful soundtrack which accompanied it, I thought all the music used throughout the film was perfect.

My all time favourite scene in the movie has to be the yacht scene. I thought it was so beautiful and lovely to see Ana and Christian having fun together, just being. This scene showed us a more romantic side of Christian and a more carefree side to Ana. I loved Christian’s little story he made up about the house Ana pointed out on the cliff, again showing a more human side to him. To make the scene more perfect was the music which accompanied it – Taylor Swift and Zayn’s ‘I Don’t Want To Live Forever’, an absolutely beautiful song which fit the atmosphere of the scene perfectly. I could watch this scene over and over again!

Photo: Yahoo
Photo: Elite Daily

Being honest, as ‘sexy’ as the film was I just have to throw in that there was one scene in particular which had me cracking up due to the ‘cheese’ factor – the ‘workout’ scene. When Ana woke up to find Christian working out in his gym, I couldn’t help but laugh, that pommel horse was too much!

Gif: Elle

Overall I thought the film was brilliant, ending with a gorgeous engagement between Christian and Ana only darkened ever so slightly by the appearance of nasty Jack Hyde watching them as they celebrate. Setting up for the next film perfectly, I can’t explain how excited I am for 50 Shades Freed which is thankfully coming out next year so we have just 12 months to wait this time, yay!

Photo: Daily Mail

I really enjoyed 50 Shades Darker and would go as far to give this film a 5* rating, I’m really looking forward to watching this movie again. I would say 50 Shades Darker is the best film I have seen this year so far and I would definitely recommend it.

Have you seen 50 Shades Darker? What did you think of the movie?

Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you for reading.





    1. Oh yeah I saw your Instagram about opting to stay in, it’s been freezing lately but finally it seems as though the sun is coming out!! You will love it I’m sure, it’s brilliant. Aw it was such a nice scene! Thanks hun 🙂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes we was going to go Saturday but it was so cold! We was like nah lets stay in😁 Yay hopefully in 2 weekends time I can go. I’ll let you know if I like it. That scene looks romantic😊💕 x


  1. YESSS finally a review on the movie!!! I haven’t seen it yet but I wanted to hear what other people thought of it first. I’m so eager and even more eager now after reading your thoughts on it. Like you, it’s been a couple years now since I read the series so I’m excited to relive it and see how they turn the words to life… I’m also excited to see the new characters! How was the ending was it another cliff hanger? Also, eye spy with my little eye some cute Burberry boots!!!! They are looking so good on, in LOVEEEE ❤

    xo, JJ


    1. As always your comments brighten my day Jenny! The movie was so good honestly I think you’ll love it, there were a few differences from the book as usual the book was a bit more in depth but the film was still so so good! Yes, the new characters made the movie so much more interesting and hm it didn’t really end with a cliff hanger as such more of just a setup for the next film / Jack Hyde wanting revenge but other than that I’d say it was a happy ending. Eek thanks hun, i definitely made sure to get them in the pic 😂😂😂 i can’t stop wearing them! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

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